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IT Strategic Plan 2012-2020

Appendix D:  Central IT Mission, Vision and Values


To provide sound technology solutions for the University’s educational, research, administrative and business needs


To create an agile and effective department capable of adapting quickly to the dynamic technology demands of our students, faculty and staff

Core Values

Central IT core values: Collaboration, agility, efficiency, innovation, effectiveness

The bedrock of this foundation is effectiveness. IT values providing solutions that deliver measurable benefits to the campus community

This base supports the three pillars of agility, efficiency and innovation. An agile department has the proper processes, procedures and personnel in place to quickly respond to the dynamic needs of both the academic and functional departments. Agility in turn requires efficiency to create the maximum output with economy of effort. While innovation provides the creativity and vision to build solutions that deliver value that exceeds expectations.

The capstone of this value foundation is collaboration. IT recognizes that collaboration is essential to providing effective and unique solutions to a diverse range of campus needs.


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