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IT Strategic Plan 2012-2020


The intent of this strategic plan is to look at the whole of IT services on campus, whether provided by central IT or distributed IT staff. That challenge required an effective process and broad participation by representative from all sectors.

Two external advisors—Dr. Polley McClure from Cornell University and Mr. Daniel Ewart from the University of Wyoming—recommended a strong focus on campus-wide input and communication throughout the process. They also suggested engaging outside consultants to review UM’s plan after data had been gathered and goals had been drafted. We have attempted to follow their advice.

A planning team was formed that included representatives from all university sectors. The team engaged in numerous data and perception gathering exercises, including mapping current IT services, conducting a campus-wide SWOT analysis, examining trends and expectations and reviewing IT needs outlined in strategic plans from other sectors of campus. Academic Affairs and Student Affairs sectors also provided written statements of their IT priorities as part of the process.

Members of the team have provided updates to stakeholders throughout the process, including presentations to the President’s cabinet, academic officers, Student Affairs managers, and Tech Partners.

The Team

The 16-member team listed below, representing all sectors of campus, conducted most of the planning activities. Other faculty, staff, administrators and students were involved in various activities.

Academic Affairs
Bonnie Allen
Tom Gallagher
Joel Henry
John Greer

Student Affairs
Jesse Neidigh

Judy Fredenburg
Joe Glassy

Administration and Finance
Karen Moore

External Relations
Jennifer Sauer

UM Foundation
Art Held

Information Technology
Loey Knapp
John Thunstrom
Janet Sedgley
Tom Travis
Gordy Pace
Tony Jablonski

In addition to the UM team, consultants were brought on board to assess the draft plan and make recommendations against a number of proposals for organization, governance, and funding. Rather than employ a single consultant for a long period of time, the team decided to employ three consultants, all with a unique perspective on Information Technology, for a much shorter period. Central IT selected a consultant with a strong background in IT strategic planning. Academic Affairs recommended a consultant with expertise in academic and research computing. The third consultant, selected by representatives from Student Affairs, A&F, and the president’s office, has a background in financial and administrative computing.


Planning timeline

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