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IT Strategic Plan 2012-2020


The University of Montana’s vision for Information Technology, as outlined by President Engstrom and his cabinet, has three components:

  1. We have an immediate and urgent need to establish and maintain basic service levels for infrastructure and support across our campuses. Reliable, coherent connectivity and access will be available to all students, faculty and staff. Infrastructure will be solid, with the network, servers, workstations, software, and security all functioning together to deliver a strong computing and communications environment.  IT governance and funding will focus on ensuring the core infrastructure is kept current and vibrant.
  2. In the mid-term we will develop our IT capabilities to make them a strategic tool in meeting the primary campus goals and objectives. A robust computing environment will be built, based upon customer focused processes, redundant networks, and a professionally staffed and managed tier two data center. UM will be competitive amongst its peers, implementing up-to-date information systems, technology and related training and support services. Priorities include the development of a long-term strategy for deploying emerging educational technologies and supporting the research community. New governance and funding structures will be developed, facilitating long-term alignment with evolving campus needs and maintaining technological continuity.
  3. In the mid- and long-term we will build upon our core infrastructure to support and expand UM Programs of Distinction that require advanced computational resources and facilities. Support includes the development of state-of-the-art, shared facilities, helping to attract and establish new programs by providing access to in-house expertise, and including these Programs of Distinction in the development of long-term IT plans that promote their growth and success. 

*This section of the IT strategic plan was updated April 4, 2012

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