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Producing recordings with captions

Most screencast and video editing software that provides caption synchronizing also provides final production as .mp4 recordings. Although other formats are frequently available .mp4s can usually be produced with multiple encodings (such as specifically for YouTube) and used in many environments.

Where to store captioned iTunesU and YouTube clips

Produced .mp4 recordings can be uploaded to several locations:


iTunesU is an option directly support by IT. When recordings are created through Camtasia Relay, they can be automatically uploaded to iTunesU. Then, the automatic captioning can be further edited in Camtasia Relay directly through a web browser and uploaded to iTunesU with open captions.

Individuals creating videos and screencasts without the use of Camtasia produts or individuals using videos acquired with permissions can easily upload recordings to iTunesU.

Further instructions on the iTunesU pages.


Camtasia Relay and Camtasia Studio both provide options for uploading to YouTube from withinthe Camtasis programs.  YouTube provides open captioning through the automatic captioning option (not recommended) or through the uploading of timed transcript files.  These time transcript files can be created by first synchronizing a transcript with the video in Camtasia, exporting the captions as an .srt file and then uploading the video and then the transcript into YouTube.

How to use captioned iTunesU and YouTube clips

Both iTunesU and YouTube clips can be referenced from UM web pages, Moodle courses and email messages by referencing their URLs.  YouTube URLs are most frequently embedded.

In IT's  Video and Innovative Production (VIP) area, workstations with Camtasia Studio and Adobe Premier are provided and staff support is available. Our Mobile VIP service can also come to you and provide personalized support to get you comfortable with captioning.

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