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Accessible email

Email, as text, is largely accessible - especially because it is often relatively short. Two elements require additional attention.


All attachments, for example documents and images, should also be accessible.


Graphic elements included in the body of the email must be accessible. Images or graphics that are strictly decorative should be tagged with an empty alt tag (alt=" ") so the screen reader ignores them. Otherwise, use the desktop version of Outlook to insert images and alt tags.  In Outlook 2007, right-click on the inserted image and choose caption to add a caption. Choose size then select the alt tag to be able to add alternative text.  This process is shown below.

an open outlook email message

Selecting the Insert Picture from File option opens the browse window. Browse through your files and select the desired image.

browsing to find image

Once an image is inserted in the MS Outlook message, right-click on the image to:

  • select caption and type in a caption or
  • select size and then the Alt tab to insert alternative text.

Both of the starting menu options are shown in the image below.

right-click on an image is the first step to adding a caption or alternative text (use the size option for the latter)

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