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Accessible documents - PDFs

If a PDF is inaccessible:

Step 1: Converting an image-based document to text

IT's document converter service automatically converts image-based pdfs and images into semi-accessible, text-based electronic documents.

To request the service:

  • Send an email message to from a University of Montana email account with the document you want converted attached.
  • You should send as clean a copy of the original document as possible. The following contribute to poor quality PDFs:
    • underlining,
    • notes in the margins,
    • highlighting, and
    • smudged or fuzzy text.
  • You should receive a return email with your converted document attached in both a text-based PDF format and text-based word document format within a few minutes.
  • As with all other document creation, a final proofread will catch errors in optical character reading text conversions.

Step 2 - Tagging text-based document for complete accessibility

  • Once you have a text-based document, the easiest way to tag it is to use a word processor. 
  • The steps for tagging a document are included on the document page - select Document from the top right. 
  • Once you've followed those steps, please save the document as a pdf.  Saving a document in PDF format is different than printing it as a PDF document.  The latter produces an image rather than a text-based document.
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  • IT Office: 406.243.5350
  • IT Central: 406.243-HELP
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