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NetID password management

Online NetID password management is available to all University faculty, staff, and students by logging into Features include:
  • Establishing the NetID password security question/answer
  • Changing the NetID password (must change at least every 365 days)
  • Resetting the NetID password (if a password is forgotten or expired)

Establishing the NetID password security question/answer

Changing and/or resetting the NetID password online requires verification of the user's identity. This process is accomplished by the use of a security question. Users must select and answer a security question through The online password reset feature is available after this action has been completed. Otherwise password resets are initiated at IT Central in Social Science 120. Users will be asked to provide a valid University ID card for identification purposes. Please note that after three attempts to login, NetID accounts becomes disabled for 15 minutes.

Changing the NetID password

Users may change their passwords online at This should be done at least every 365 days as passwords will expire for security purposes. As an additional security measure, users should create complex passwords including a combination of alpha, numeric and symbolic characters (minimum of six characters).

Resetting the NetID password

When users forget their passwords or their passwords have expired, they will no longer be able to login to NetID-accessible services until the passwords are reset. If they have established online password credentials, the online password reset feature is available to them. Users may reset their passwords at

  • Social Sciences 126
  • IT Office: 406.243.5350
  • IT Central: 406.243-HELP
  • Send Email