Campus software support

Several campus-wide software programs (Microsoft, Apple, Symantec) related to desktop computers are consolidated at The University of Montana. Under this consolidation, much of the commonly used software that campus departments had been purchasing directly from vendors using unit funds is available through central distribution without cost to departments. This consolidation was made possible through increased central funding plus specific annual commitments from Academic Affairs (faculty computer funds), the Student Computer Fee, and Student Affairs. In addition, the University has an agreement with Adobe through The Bookstore for purchasing Adobe products.

Other software is also available either through the UM Bookstore or through Information Technology. Please see below for further information.


  • For Windows/PCs, the latest MS Windows client operating system (upgrade version only) and access to patches and updates.

  • For Windows/PCs and Macs, the current version of MS Office Professional.

  • For desktop and laptop computers, the core Client Access Licenses (CALs) to access MS Windows service applications, including Exchange e-mail.

  • This combination of software (called the "desktop package") is also available to faculty and staff in a Work-at-Home format through the UM Bookstore. Please note that the on-campus media may not be installed on home computers. (See Software for Home Computers section below for additional information.)

  • The basic agreement can be extended to include additional Microsoft software specifically requested by various departments, at extra cost to be paid by the departments.

  • The current agreement does not cover software for computers owned by students. However, a student can purchase the current version of Microsoft Office University from the Bookstore (see below).

  • The Microsoft Campus Agreement does not cover the Windows Server operating system or Microsoft applications used only by a small number of individuals. A Microsoft Select Agreement is available through the UM Bookstore for departments to obtain those types of licenses not included in UM's Microsoft Campus Agreement. The Bookstore generates the licenses and duplicates the necessary media for same day service. A price list is available on the UM Bookstore website.

  • Detailed information about the Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCSA).


  • Apple provides its OSX upgrades free through the Mac App Store for all Macs, whether owned by the University of Montana or personally-owned.

  • iWork upgrades are also provided free by Apple to Macs running OSX Mavericks. It includes three pieces of office software that are compatible with their Microsoft counterparts: Pages (word processing software much like Word), Numbers (spreadsheet software much like Excel), and Keynote (presentation software much like PowerPoint).

  • Apple software is obtained directly through a Mac computer via the Mac App Store as the means of distributing the software.

  • There are many titles available in the Mac App Store and some of those titles that may be used in a lab are available through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP). These are purchased online through UM's Apple Store for Education as multiple content codes, which are then redeemed via the App Store on each computer a license was purchased for.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

  • Limited departmental distribution for Windows/PCs and Macs, Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) including access to Symantec's frequent virus definition updates for campus use.


  • UM-M has a contractual agreement with Adobe for purchasing Adobe products including Acrobat, Photoshop and the Suites.

  • The UM-M agreement with Adobe includes a Student & Teacher Licensing component through which students/faculty/staff may purchase a personal copy of Adobe's software for their home computer.

  • For pricing and order information as well as administrative questions regarding the Adobe contractual agreement, contact Jay Michalik, Campus Technology Coordinator for The Bookstore, 243-1218, or via e-mail at: For pricing and questions regarding purchasing Adobe Student & Teacher Licensing for personal use, contact The Bookstore's Technology Department counter at 243-1253 or


  • Information Technology provides annual licensing for SPSS statistical software and AMOS, an add-on module for SPSS for UM employees. For additional information, go to the SPSS/AMOS web page.


Browsers, email programs and other programs for PCs and Macs

Software distribution 

IT works with various unit-based IT administrators to facilitate the distribution of Microsoft, Apple, and Symantec software to the computers within these departments. Contact your department's IT administrator to find out what your unit is doing. If you do not have a departmental IT administrator, contact IT Central in Social Science 120, 243-HELP (x4357), or via e-mail:

Adobe: For pricing and order information, please contact Jay Michalik, Campus Technology Coordinator for The Bookstore, 243-1218, or via email:

SPSS/AMOS: For pricing and order information, please contact IT Central at Social Science 120, 243-HELP (4357), or vial email:


Software for home computers

Microsoft OS and Office (PC and Macintosh)

UM employees meeting Microsoft’s conditions of qualification may obtain Windows and Office (PC and Mac) software for their home computers from The Bookstore by purchasing Work-At-Home (WAH) license media. On-campus media may not be installed on home computers and WAH media may not be installed on UM computers.

Specific departments may have other Microsoft WAH software available to them. Students are not included in the WAH offerings, but may purchase the latest version of MS Office University in The Bookstore.

For pricing and questions regarding the Work-At-Home or Office University software, contact The Bookstore’s Technology Department at 243-1253 or email Be prepared to present a valid University Griz Card or other verification of UM employment when purchasing Microsoft WAH software.

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