VPN Mac installation steps

To disconnect

Click on the icon, then select Disconnect from the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.

Mac OS X disconnection screen

To install

*Must have version 10.4 or newer for this client to work.

1. Open your browser

2.  In the address bar, enter: https://evpn1.umt.edu 

Mac OS X login

3.  Next to USERNAME, enter your NetID. Next to PASSWORD, enter your password.

Login screen

4.  The screen below will indicate that install the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.

Mac OS X installation

5.  Click on the Inactive Plug-in link. (This may not show if Java is already installed or if you are not using the Safari browser.)

Mac OS X inactive plug-in screen

6.  You will be prompted to accept the certificate. The certificate is valid (if you click on Show Certificate, you will see its validity). Click Trust.

Mac OS X certificate screen

7.  Next, you will have to allow the Java applet access to your computer. This will allow the Cisco AnyConnect client to be automatically downloaded and installed on your Mac.) Check "Always trust content from this publisher." Then click Run.

Mac OS X Java applet screen

8.  The download and installation may take a few minutes.

MAC OS X first download screen

9.  Once the download and installation have finished, you will be automatically connected to the VPN. You may see "VPN connection establishment failed." However, you are connected to the VPN as shown in your icon tray (upper right - see #10).

Mac OS X download screen

10.  Once you are connected, an icon for AnyConnect will be on the icon tray (top right).

Mac OS X icon tray