WPA2 Enterprise access

WPA2 Enterprise is available internally on newer laptops and other devices, and does not require a software download. 

Before you begin

Run the latest updates on your computing device as well as for your wireless card before you configure WPA2 Enterprise to ensure successful results. In addition, make sure that your anti-virus software definitions are up-to-date. 

WPA2 Enterprise Configuration

For most operating systems, Windows and Mac, you will be able to connect to the UMwpa network from your list of available networks, enter your credentials (NetID and password) and click continue/ok if prompted for any certificate validation. 

Note: WPA2 Enterprise wireless configuration using TKIP is no longer available on UMwpa. If you experience issues connecting to the wireless network, check and make sure you are using AES encryption.

Configuring access on Windows 8 (PDF)

Configuring access on Windows 7  (PDF)

Note: As of April 1, 2014 Windows XP is no longer supported.

If you need assistance with configuring your device, contact IT Central, Social Science 120, or call 243-HELP (4357) Mon – Fri 8a – 5p MST.