Required Courses

File Management with UM Box
UM Box is an Enterprise cloud file storage solution that is available to campus employees and students. It’s been around for a while now so hopefully you’ve had a chance to try it out. At this short course, you’ll learn how to use Box as a part of your daily workflow to access your files and interact with your data. Some things we’ll cover are: Box for Office (a way to work directly with your Box files within your Office applications); Box Edit (edit your files directly from Box); collaboration basics and permissions; and some other options to help you be more productive when using UM Box.
Securing the Human (Online)
Through a series of online videos, this training covers a wide selection of security awareness topics including: Social Engineering, FERPA data, Web Browsing, Email and Messaging, And more. There are also several recommended modules that discuss more specialized issues such as HIPAA.  Faculty and staff who take the training should review the recommended modules and take any that are relevant to their employment.  
University of Montana IT Infrastructure
Prereq: Securing the Human
This course will be an overview of IT at the University of Montana. UM identity management, Network Infrastructure, UM security and phishing and an overview of UM services will be covered. Discussion of how authentication works and how security vulnerabilities affect our day to day operations at UM.
Accessibility at the University of Montana
An overview of Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility (EITA) with a focus on what support is available for you followed by practical step-by-step instructions for creating accessible documents. All University communication, educational documents, and information must be accessible to everyone, this course will give you a foundation for creating accessible content.
Microsoft Office Productivity
Covering Word and Outlook we'll explore advanced features and learn how to leverage these tools to make day to day work easier. Learning Outlook rules, mail merge, Word layout and design. 

Elective Courses (Complete a minimum of 5)


  • Cascade Web Training
  • Mastering Social Media
  • Google Analytics
  • Tech Stack: UM's Web Technology infrastructure
  • Creating Great Web Content

Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Excel Beginning
  • Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables
  • Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP
  • Microsoft Excel Macros
  • Microsoft Excel Charts & Graphs
  • Microsoft Word Mail Merge
  • Microsoft Word Basic


  • Accessible Course Design in Moodle
  • Collaborate Ultra Web Conferencing System
  • Accessible Word Documents
  • Accessible PowerPoint Presentations
  • Creating Accessible PDFs
  • Texthelp Read and Write - making your study life easier
  • Captioning Options at UM


  • PC Troubleshooting
  • Software Licensing
  • TechSmith Relay
  • Qualtrics

Panel Discussions (Participate in 4)

Pull the curtains back and learn about some of the behind the scenes work that IT does. Topic experts will facilitate the discussions and will answer questions. There will also be time to discuss general IT questions and plan presentations. Discussion topics may include: Security, SPAM email management, Video Captioning, Software available to UM employees.


One 30 minute presentation to at least three colleagues at the University. Presentation can be anything IT related and should include a visual and verbal component.