Instructor procedures

The following procedures are intended for IT short course training program instructors. Please review this important information prior to teaching a course. Questions may be directed to Kathy Garramone, IT training coordinator, 243-5362.

Short course registration link

IT Short Course web page:  Purpose: Used for online registration by campus faculty, staff and students. Must have NetID to register.

Roster access

Within our system you can view your rosters. Once you are logged in to the system, click on the Instructor tab and you will be able to view the course(s) you are teaching this semester as well as the roster(s).

Course evaluations

A link to the course evaluation web page is available on each computer desktop in the lab. Please ask your attendees to complete the evaluation prior to departing from the lab. Each course has its own evaluation so your attendees will need to know which course evaluation link to open. Please remind them. Evaluations will be sent directly from the respondent to your email account. Here is the link FYI: For those of you who teach courses in a lecture setting, we will email the evaluation to your attendees after the course is over.

IT Training Lab

Access (LA 139)

Short course instructors will access the IT Training Lab using their Griz Card. Many You will swipe your card and then enter your pin. FYI, the lab is locked at all times. If you leave the lab temporarily, make sure you have your Griz Card with you to reenter.

Room temperature

There is no air conditioning in LA 139. However, there is a ceiling fan. It’s 3 speeds and you can pull on the chain below the fan to operate it. Please turn it off when you are finished with your class. If the class is warm, you can prop the entrance using the wedge. You are welcome to open the left panel of the window. If you do so, make sure the panel is closed and locked before you leave the classroom.

Computer log-in and shut down procedures

Plan to arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to assure the lab is ready when registrants arrive. Please turn on and login the computers prior to your class start time. Login information is posted in the lab. Please shut down all computers after each class and tidy up the lab – make sure all chairs are pushed in, straighten mice and keyboards. 

Banner log-in

User name: on each computer monitor (ex: BCIS04_TEST) Password:  Posted in the lab.

White board

Feel free to use the white board. Erase the information once your class is over.

Video projector

You will need to turn on the video projector before your class begins and then turn it off once your class is over. The on and off buttons are on the instructor console. Please make sure this is turned off once your class is over.

Class cancellations

Instructors of classes with fewer than 5 students registered may elect to cancel a class. Our student worker will contact instructors directly in these situations.

Student assistant

Each semester we have a student training program assistant. She is responsible for the following:

  • Contact instructors when fewer than 5 people are registered for a short course so instructors can determine what actions need to be taken. Most likely calls will need to be made to inform the registrants about the cancellation.
  • Prepare rosters and certificates for each class. Materials will be placed on the instructors station in the lab prior to your class start time.
  • Contact registrants two working days prior to class to confirm attendance.

Instructors – rosters: please follow these steps

  • Have your class attendees initial the roster when they come to class.
  • Once a class is over, please make any necessary notes on the roster (like OK to bill no-shows) and initial off on the roster.
  • You may turn in class rosters (bin marked “Completed Rosters” on the table at the front of the classroom) or send them to me via campus mail (IT, SS 120) by Monday following your class(es).

Thank you for serving as an instructor for our Fall Semester Short Course program. Please contact Kathy Garramone, 243-5362, if you have questions or need assistance.