Architecture and infrastructure committee


Tony Jablonski, ACIO for Central Computing Systems, Information Technology


The IT Architecture and Infrastructure Committee advises the IT Senate on strategy and promotes standards related to the campus network, telecommunications, data centers and data storage, disaster recovery, identity management, security and implementation of an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Membership Composition

It is recommended that the committee be limited to 7 to 9 voting members and include the following representation:

  • Committee Chair
  • Networking
  • Central Computing Systems (if not the committee chair)
  • Identity Management
  • Security
  • 3-4 Distributed IT representatives approved by the sector IT Directors

Additional non-voting members may be called upon to provide additional expertise on a per topic basis.

Agenda  Items

Agenda items are to be aggregated by the committee chair from the following sources:

  • Referral from IT Senate
  • IT Directors
  • Tech Partners
  • On-line submission
  • Chair’s discretion


A simple majority of the voting members is required to elevate a recommendation to the IT Senate for additional consideration.