Committees of IT Senate

IT Senate committees are in the early stages of formation. Only one standing committee, the IT Architecture and Infrastructure committee, has been officially constituted. Other proposed standing committees are listed below.

IT Senate will also form ad hoc committees, or tiger teams, as needed. Currently there is a team working on student technology needs assessment.

Communication and collaboration committee


The Communication and Collaboration Committee is responsible for IT Senate communication to campus constituents, coordinating communication among IT Senate committees, developing strategic and operational plan assessment reports, and recommending standards for IT communication planning and execution. 

Communication and collaboration committee section

Enterprise applications committee


The enterprise applications committee is responsible for developing and implementing a protocol for acquisition of enterprise software—software used more broadly than at the individual or departmental level—that assures compatibility with Banner and central authentication systems, addresses security and accessibility requirements, limits duplication and fosters collaboration and fiscal responsibility.

Enterprise applications committee section

Data governance committee

The data goveranance committee was formed during the 2014-15 academic year. The committee charge and membership is in development.

Architecture and infrastructure committee

This committee is on hiatus


The IT Architecture and infrastructure committee advises the IT Senate on strategy and promotes standards related to the campus network, telecommunications, data centers and data storage, disaster recovery, identity management, security and implementation of an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).