March 10, 2015

Members present: Mark Pershouse, Matt Riley, Scott Holgate, Art Held, John Greer, Judy Fredenburg, Mark Grimes, Antony Jo, Jess Neidigh, Jennifer Sauer, Roger Maclean, Eric Reimer, Karen Moore

Members excused: Allen Szalda-Petree, Denise Nelson, Manu Samuela,

Members absent: Dawn Ressel, Aaron Heiner, Cale Patenaude, Jonathon Knudson, Jonathan Forrider

Ex-officio members and staff present: Joe Hickman, Bob Hlynosky, Adrian Irish, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Mark Pershouse called the meeting to order at 3:34 


Jesse Neidigh moved to approve the February minutes. John Greer seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


UM Minute – IT Focus

Bob Hlynosky reported that all of the bids are in for a fiber network upgrade. He thanked IT staff for all of the work they did. Matt Riley added that the links to Butte and Helena will be 10-times and 100-times better at a lower price that what were currently paying. The network to Dillon cost a little more, but is a great upgrade for the campus. Missoula College West will also be upgraded. That project will start in the summer.

CIO communication

Matt reported that a new Assistant CIO for Enterprise Information Systems (the Banner group) has been hired. Jeff Abbott will start June 1. 

Matt shared an Ellucian action plan report. He expressed disappointment that the report was not what he thought we were going to get. Part of the process was for Ellucian to show us what we could do. The answer was that we could spend a lot of money with Ellucian for services. In response to a question, Matt suggested that IT Senate make the report a topic for a future meeting.

Reports of standing committees, Tech Partners and Mod Squad

Data Governance committee

Joe Hickman reported that the committee has been formed and will be meeting in the next couple weeks. He said the committee would bas a lot of what it was doing on the Wichita State model. Matt suggested tying Adrian Irish into the committee. Joe asked for other ideas for committee members to be sent to him.

Enterprise Applications committee

John Greer reported that the committee was discussing workflows and integrating it’s enterprise applications purchasing with the accessibility process into the path of UM’s purchasing. Bob Hlynosky from Business Services has joined the committee to help do that. John also reported that the committee is lacking student representation. He said the committee also needs someone from the Banner systems and potentially having formal representation from Mod Squad.

Communications and Collaboration committee

Roger Maclean reported that the committee is focused on two issues: One is developing an annual assessment report to share with campus to show what IT Senate has accomplished over the past year. The committee plans to base the format of the report on the model used by Faculty Senate. Roger suggested that IT Senate should have a larger discussion about the target audience and key points of the report.

The second priority of the committee is looking at ways to improve communication throughout the year. The committee has been providing short meeting summaries to members to share with constituents, but is there more that we could be doing?

Mod Squad

Karen Moore reported that Mod Squad is still working on a priorities list for what Banner modules we want to implement or upgrade. Each module owner prioritized according to department priorities. This is being done in preparation or a new version of Banner called Banner XE. With Banner XE, we can upgrade individual modules instead of the entire system at once.

Karen said Mod Squad’s three priorities would be e-transcripts, faculty grade entry and DegreeWorks. One item Mod Squad would like help with is Web for Proxy (for parent access to student records). She said the missing piece is the emails that would go out to parents. A sponsor is needed for that, as well as someone who can help parents if they need support. Joe Hickman said that the system is ready to go. We just need the legal and process things behind it. He said the Registrar’s Office could own it. Adrian Irish said he is concerned about identity issues. He said there needs to be a security review. Also, the IT help desk is not aware of the effort and will be impacted by it. Matt said he would bring the issue to a VP Council meeting.

Tech Partners

Antony Jo reported that it’s March meeting included the following:

  • A report from Gordy Pace on the IT Unconference
  • A presentation by Kyle Pucko on social media marketing
  • A talk about web analytics by Nick Shontz
  • An update on security awareness training by Adrian Irish
  • A report that LandDesk antivirus now supports Mac machines

Classroom of the future discussion

Jenny McNulty, Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Sciences

Jenny said that a donor had approached the College of Humanities & Sciences about renovating Liberal Arts building classrooms. Two classrooms have been identified to renovate. Jenny is leading an effort to ask people about their vision of the classroom of the future.

Based on UM’s 2020 strategic plan, we’re expected to create a dynamic learning environment. One-third of programs are expected to include an experiential learning component and 90 percent of classes and labs should be able to utilize technology with support that allows innovation to be sustained.

Jenny says that what she’s heard so far has formed the basis of guiding principles:

  • Be flexible, both the space and with technology.
  • Make it easy to use.
  • One size does not fit all. Everyone doesn’t have the same technology needs.

She said that one conundrum she has experienced is that faculty don’t know what technology they need. We need to show them what technology can do.

Link to Classroom of the future slides (PDF)

Open forum

Jesse Neidigh asked about IT funding. Matt said he would share information about the IT budget to a later meeting, but there is work being done.

Jesse also pointed out that IT Senate needs to start talking about officers for next year.

The meeting adjourned at 5:03 p.m. 

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace