September 13, 2016

Members present: Pope Ashworth, Judy Fredenberg, John Greer, Art Held, Antony Jo, Roger Maclean, Karen Moore, Mark Pershouse, Stella Phipps, Matt Riley, Allen Szalda-Petree, Frank Grady

Members excused: Scott Holgate, Jesse Neidigh, Dawn Ressel

Members absent:  Aaron Heiner, Jennifer Sauer 

Ex-officio members and staff present: Joe Hickman, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Matt Riley called the meeting to order at 3:33.


July meeting minutes were approved by consensus


UM Minute – IT Focus

Joe Hickman reported that DegreeWorks would go live on Sept. 26. Anyone enrolled since fall of 2014 will be able to track progress toward degree. A student educational planner will replace UM’s homegrown academic planner. Joe said this was a two year project from start of planning.

Gordy Pace announced the UxM Unconference and shared information about UM’s strategic planning and Neighborland.

Matt introduced Frank Grady, who is the new A&F appointee replacing Manu Samuela.

Election of IT Senate co-chair

Mark Pershouse nominated Antony Jo. No other members were nominated.  The vote was unanimous in favor of Antony.

Email policy

Matt brought the email policy to IT Senate to review final updates before it is shared with other campus governance groups.


  • The policy number was changed to 1360.
  • There was a change to deactivation of student accounts to deal with various ways students leave UM. Student accounts will now remain active for two years after graduation or separation from UM.

 John Greer pointed out two typos in draft policy in A (remove “the purpose”) and B (“Use of email”).

MUS shared services 

MUS shared services presentation slides

Discussion about shared services started as collaboration of OCHE and CFOs at UM and MSU. Recognizing a resource-constrained environment, the question is,can we consolidate like processes and services for efficiency?

First thoughts were administrative services like HR and not IT. However, this is probably going to be a lot about IT. In other states, IT is at the center of this effort.

Matt share examples from Nevada, South Dakota, California, Georgia and provided possible outcomes for Montana.

Already happening:

  • Flagships are shared service centers for affiliates
  • UM runs networks and ERPs for multiple institutions with shared licensing and support
  • UM/MSU have worked together on library system, Microsoft Premier support, education network, accessibility, and information security.

Current goals:

  • UM/MSU get head of shared services and catalog what's already been done
  • Show leadership in shared services arena
  • Possibilities:
    • Cloud Services
    • Future Networking for Education
    • Select Applications
    • Maybe Some Defined IT Leadership Functions
    • Data Repositories/Warehouse (beyond what we have)
    • Purchasing?

Allen suggested that OCHE present to IT Senate.

Reports from standing committees, Tech Partners and Mod Squad

None of the IT Senate committees had reports to share.

Meeting adjourned at 4:46

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace