August 11, 2015

Members present: Trail Bundy, Judy Fredenberg, John Greer, Art Held, Scott Holgate, Antony Jo, Roger Maclean, Jesse Neidigh, Kate Oyler, Mark Pershouse, Stella Phipps, Matt Riley, Manu Samuela, Jennifer Sauer, Allen Szalda-Petree, Taylor McDermott

Members excused: Mark Grimes

Members absent: Aaron Heiner, Jo Hickman, Karen Moore, Eric Reimer, Dawn Ressel

Ex-officio members and staff present: Bob Hlynosky, Adrian Irish, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Allen Szalda-Petree called the meeting to order at 3:34 


Introduction of new members

Two new IT Senators were introduced to the group—Trail Bundy representing ASUM and Kate Oyler representing Staff Senate. Two other new IT Senators arrived after the introductions—Taylor McDermott from ASUM and Stella Phipps from Staff Senate.

UM Minute – IT Focus

Judy Fredenberg noted that we had Internet service following the severe storm on Monday evening. Matt Riley said that some buildings were without service. 

Art Held reported that the Foundation and Alumni went live with the iModules Compass email solution to replace Harris Connect. He said the new system should provide a better interface with Banner.

CIO communication

Matt Riley reported on the following: 

  • IT is out of Liberal Arts data center. The space is basically a network closet now.
  • Bitterroot college is moving to a new location in Hamilton and going live over next week.
  • Progress is being made on the Gilkey Center and Missoula College. Both building projects are heavy with IT needs.
  • Missoula College west campus has an upgraded network connection with 18 wireless access points. Connection speed will be greatly enhanced.
  • Internet2 representatives are coming to campus on August 24-25 to meet with UM, MSU and the State of Montana and K-12 education about what more we can do with the connectivity we have in Missoula. 

Discussion items

IT Utilities

Matt Riley reported on the IT Utilities fund. Slides included:

  • Sources and uses of funding
  • A breakdown of enterprise applications funded in IT utilities
  • Funding-side challenges caused by budget reductions that created a $227,453 shortfall that had to be covered by Central IT.
  • Use-side challenges created by escalating costs of Oracle and Banner
  • Good news regarding reduction of costs for network services and the overall IT utilities budget

Matt said that to date, he and Dawn Ressel have managed the IT utilities budget, although others have had influence on the fund. He said that they have suggested to the vice presidents that IT Senate play a role in managing IT utilities.

After some questions, Jesse Neidigh moved that "management of the IT utilities budget be turned over to the IT Senate." John Greer seconded the motion. In discussion, Matt said that there needed to be a caveat that the CIO had the final say. Adrian Irish pointed out that the charge of the IT Senate is to be an advisory body. There was agreement that IT Senate was an advisory body rather than a decision-making body. Following that discussion, the motion failed unanimously.

Scott Holgate then moved for a declaration that “IT Senate will advise the CIO on management of the IT utilities budget.” Mark Pershouse seconded the motion. In discussion, Matt pointed out that changes in the IT utilities budget don’t have a formal process and therefore don’t have input from the campus. Antony Jo suggested that IT Senate’s involvement would provide transparency and structure. After some discussion about a possible friendly amendment to broaden the language of the motion, Art Held called for the question. The motion passed unanimously.

2015-16 IT Senate meeting dates and times

It was determined that Tuesdays from 3:30-5 does not work for all members, particularly student representatives. It was agreed that a Doodle poll would be distributed to find the best standing meeting time for fall semester with times after 5 p.m. included.

Reports of standing committees, Tech Partners and Mod Squad

There were no committee reports due to time constraints.


June meeting minutes were approved by consensus

The meeting adjourned at 5:04 p.m. 

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace