March 23, 2018 

Office 365 Presentation - Anna Martin and Dan Bowling

Anna and Dan introduced the Office 365 project, which is the project to migrate e-mail services from on-premise to the cloud.

They are the two co-project managers and Renae Scott is the project sponsor.

The project is in the preliminary phase and the core team has been established.

More details can be found on the Office 365 project website.

OneIT Accountability Team Update – John Greer

The accountability team received 22 responses on the survey. The team is currently reviewing the projects for duplication and alignment of resources as well as strategic alignment with OneIT goals.

The team is meeting weekly on Thursdays. It is also moving forward with setting up a space for Project Management that is focused for IT projects.

The team has identified a space that’ll be available for project managers (e.g. the Office 365 project) to work together on those projects.

Other Discussion Topics

Antony announced that there might be changes to the membership of the Senate with the recent reorganization of Student Affairs division.

Currently, things will stay the same until the new Provost is in office.

Stella Phipps asked about online class offering at the University.

Laurie Slovarp shared on how essential Moodle is to Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders (CSD).

Moodle has allowed CSD to work with students who are assigned across the nation.

John Greer added that Media Arts also has a robust online offering.

John suggested that the University can support faculty in this area by providing more technical resources.

Brad Reardon shared that UM Foundation is continuing with its selection of solution to replace the Banner Advancement module.

Funding is approved and system implementation should start in July. The finalists include Ellucian, Blackbaud, Affinaquest, and Slate.

Aaron Heiner inquired the Senate about Starfish to see if there’s a way to reach feature parity with GradesFirst.

Antony recommended to contact Office of Student Success, reach out to the vendor, and look into the possibility of developing a custom solution for the feature.