October 11, 2016 

Members present: Pope Ashworth, Frank Grady, Aaron Heiner, Art Held, Scott Holgate, Antony Jo, Karen Moore, Jesse Neidigh, Mark Pershouse, Stella Phipps, Allen Szalda-Petree

Members excused: Judy Fredenberg, Roger Maclean, Dawn Ressel, Matt Riley

Members absent:  John Greer, Jennifer Sauer

Ex-officio members and staff present: Joe Hickman, Adrian Irish, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Antony Jo called the meeting to order at 3:30


September meeting minutes were approved by consensus


UM Minute – IT Focus

Jess Neidigh reported that there have been more than 5,000 installations of UM’s mobile app. A survey will be sent to students to see what they want. Suggestions can be submitted at umt.edu/mobile.

Audience member Steven Van Grinsven reported that central IT is using Banner web time entry now. Departments interested in using it can contact Steven or Steve Hoffman in Human Resource Services.

Joe Hickman reported that the 25 Live scheduling system has been rolled out. Anyone can log into the system and request academic space.

Discussion – workflow and paperless processes

Steven Van Grinsven from IT’s Enterprise Information Systems group shared information about two systems his group is providing for campus: Banner Workflow and DocuSign. Jesse Neidigh and Joe Carpenter from the Admissions Office talked about paperless processes in admissions.

Banner Workflow

Banner Workflow is designed for high-quantity processing. It integrates well with several other databases. EIS is currently working on faculty grade entry with Registrar's and has it in production with one department. That has gone well.

One challenge facing EIS is with front end for students. For faculty, they go into Banner Workflow. Students should access it through CyberBear. An EIS group is working on an interface for students to enter data through CyberBear.


DocuSign takes a PDF of whatever you're routing and allows you to use check boxes to sign electronically. It is integrated with single-sign on. All users need is a University email address. DocuSign is on brink of moving to test. Production system being configured.

Steven said that there will be a to take in requests for new development. Requests will go to committee to determine priority. That site is not up yet.

Jess asked who was was on committee. Steven said right now it's implementation team - representativee of departments around campus. Limited number of envelopes for DocuSign (4,500/year).

Admissions paperless processes

Jesse reported that Enrollment VP Tom Crady is pushing to implement Hobson's Radius to make application process much easier, faster and paperless. Online applications have been subpar. Once we get applications, there will be a digital workflow process.

Joe Carpenter said that the Admissions Office is currently take electronic applications, but when it goes to evaluators, it gets printed out and folders are made. All of that will happen in Radius. Admissions will scan in documents like transcripts, etc., so the process more seamless and faster. Admissions representatives would be able to do it on the road.  Jess added that it will make handing information over to Registrar's office easier.  They are shooting for January 1 for the paperless application. 

IT utilities report

IT Senators were provided a link to an updated IT utilities report. Antony asked Senators to peruse the document and prepare any questions for Matt Riley at the next meeting.

Allen Szalda-Petree said he would like a report on the new method of funding IT.

Reports of standing committees, Tech Partners and Mod Squad

Data governance committee

No report 

Enterprise applications committee

No report

Communications and collaboration committee

No report

Mod Squad

Karen Moore reported that her group is  working on Banner module updates to get to Banner XE. Next XE modules will be either faculty grade entry or registration. They are also working on duplicate ID numbers.  

Tech Partners

Antony Jo reported that Tech Partners talked about sunsetting UM’s DFS file server by Jan. 1. The server will still be there, but will not backed up. The replacement solution is Box. 

Other topics included how to collect computer lab use data; getting a computer availability feature in UM’s mobile app.; an update on spam and phishing issues on campus; a report on IT accessibility; and an update on port fees.

Open forum

Mark Pershouse asked for an update on Office 365. He said there was a specific project management tool he would like to use. Adrian Irish said it was possible to get faculty access to Office 365 before the full campus migration.

Zach Rossmiller reported that Missoula College purchased software for CAD that didn't work for everyone. He asked if IT Senate could talk to procurement about having a process for purchasing. group to gather data to justify process stops.

Aaron Heiner asked about security cameras. Joe Hickman said that UM police chief Marty Ludeman has been talking about that. Scott Holgate said that there are risks involved with security cameras, especially around retention of data, and UM doesn’t have a policy on that. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace