June 20, 2017

Members present: Pope Ashworth, Aaron Heiner, Scott Holgate, Antony Jo, Roger Maclean, Karen Moore, Jesse Neidigh, Mark Pershouse, Stella Phipps, Brad Reardon, Matt Riley, Allen Szalda-Petree

Members excused: Judy Fredenberg, Frank Grady, Dawn Ressel

Members absent: Julian Adler, Sara Colenso, Eric Reimer, Jennifer Sauer

Ex-officio members and staff present:  Joe Hickman, Adrian Irish, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Antony Jo called the meeting to order at 3:36


CIO update - Matt Riley

Matt reported that he is actively working on changing the IT funding model in conjunction with the start of the new fiscal year. It's big change and there's a lot of late information because budgets have not been processed yet and may not be until September or October. There will be a more detailed update at a future meeting.

Action item

Email policy finalized

Antony explained that once the email policy was approved by IT Senate, it would be vetted by the other shared governance bodies.

Adrian Irish recommended the following edits:

  • remove the reference to FERPA in 2nd paragraph under Institutional Expectations
  • Under Students, clarify that students are expected to check their University email in the first sentence, and that students who forward University email to other accounts do so at their own risk.
  • Missing from original: paragraph about employees forwarding email. It’s important to include that University business communication should originate from UM email.
  • Missing from original: the section about reserving the right to impose quota. Not absolutely necessary to have that. 

John Greer suggested that it doesn't make sense to have paragraph that doesn't pertain to alternate forms of communication in the Employee section. The policy should only be about email. Adrian said he would want Matt Riley’s input before removing it.

Antony said we would incorporate the changes and approve a final draft by email. Then Matt can take it to shared governance bodies.


IT Senate leadership and membership for 2017-18

Pope Ashworth nominated Antony Jo for a second term as co-chair. There were no other nominations. John Greer moved re-elect Antony. Roger Maclean seconded. The motion passed unanimously. 

Other membership

Faculty Senate has named Paul Jansen (Physics and Astronomy) and Laurie Slovarp (CSD) to IT Senate. Matt said that ASUM has been approached for student representatives, and that the Central IT representative will change. The Staff Senate representative will also be confirmed.

One IT progress report

Jess reported that teams are working on a data center/server room assessment and an IT services assessment right now.

There is also an engagement team. The group has met with leadership teams, including A&F directors, Student Affairs directors, and Academic Officers, and is starting focus group meetings. They are also doing a pilot project with Ideascale to gather ideas and have discussions online.

Jess said that the One IT process isn't stopping anything. Projects like academic student success tools and the shared ITSM are moving forward.

IT Senate year-end report

Matt reminded the group that in the May IT Senate meeting we agreed to take the content from this meeting, roll into the draft and publish. Jess suggested that we needed to include the email policy to the report.

Reports from standing committees, Tech Partners and Mod Squad

Enterprise applications committee

No report 

Mod Squad 

No report

Tech Partners

Antony reported that Tech Partners discussed the move from ServiceDesk to another tool from Team Dynamix. LandDesk endpoint management tool is also going to need to be replaced because the licensing cost is too high. There is a group looking at other solutions. 

Jess clarified that when the license for LandDesk expires, we can keep using it, but we don't get updates.

Matt said that since he’s been here, there’s been an active group looking to resolve the fact that there are seven help desks or more on campus all using different tools and managing service in different ways. What we’re trying to do is to move away from the tool we used in Central IT that didn’t get wide adoption and have a system that integrates help desk tickets. It's a big deal for service to students especially. 

Jess - could also address knowledge base needs on campus. 

Antony reported that multifactoring authentication talked about at the Tech Partners meeting as well. Matt said that has been prioritized as the number one thing we want to implement if we can get funding. Adrian said that while funding is not guaranteed, he’s confident enough to be working through a trial.

Open forum

Matt said that IT Senate should want some kind of report about the June Banner incident at the next meeting. He said IT is working through a post-issue report. It'll be a work in progress to develop new procedures.

Matt said perhaps the enterprise applications committee should look at the landscape and suggest what needs to be done. It’s still unclear what the process is for engaging in the evaluation and purchase of enterprise applications.

Meeting adjourned at 4:37 p.m. 

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace