June 9, 2015

Members present: Allen Szalda-Petree, Mark Pershouse, Matt Riley, Scott Holgate, Judy Fredenberg, Antony Jo, Jess Neidigh, Roger Maclean, Dawn Ressel, Manu Samuela, Jennifer Sauer, Karen Moore, Art Held

Members excused: John Greer

Members absent: Eric Reimer, Mark Grimes, Aaron Heiner, Denise Nelson

Ex-officio members and staff present: Adrian Irish, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Mark Pershouse called the meeting to order at 3:34 


May meeting minutes were approved by consensus


UM Minute – IT Focus

Art Held reported that the Foundation has two major systems being implemented. They are implementing AcademicWorks, a scholarship clearinghouse, in collaboration with Financial Aid, and a replacement for the Harris Connect alumni directory in conjunction with the Alumni Office.

Scott Holgate announced that Missoula College West is getting a major network upgrade, including switches, wired and wireless networks. The work will be done before fall semester starts.

Jess Neidigh reported that the Student Computer Fee committee is changing its process for allocating funds and have a student employee who is managing the committee web page and intake of request forms. 

CIO communication

Matt Riley introduced Jeff Abbott, Assistant CIO for Enterprise Information Systems. Jeff said he has been out meeting people and learning as much as he can about departments and their business. Matt pointed out that Jeff is his first hire to the IT leadership team since he took over as CIO two years ago. 

Matt also thanked Mark Pershouse for his service as co-chair of IT Senate for the past year saying Mark accomplished his mission of how we do business and bringing more focus of what’s going on in IT Senate to faculty.

Discussion items

IT policies

Resource: Proposed IT policy framework

Matt said policy development is going to be a priority of IT Senate in the coming year and that a portion of each meeting will be devoted to the topic. UM now has a policy on policies outlining the process for policy review and implementation. Ultimately the President approves policies, but he requires that policies have gone through proper groups on campus for vetting.

Matt said his priorities for policy development are email and areas where Board of Regents policy says UM will have a policy and we don’t.

Adrian Irish said that Board of Regents’ policies are also out of date. He’s working with a group in Helena to update those.

Jess Neidigh asked if Matt had a vision for how to tackle policies. Matt said he envisioned bringing draft policy largely written in central IT for review and revision, but it doesn’t have to be central IT doing it. He said the IT Senate communications committee could also include drafting of policy in its charge.

Mark Pershouse asked about the timeframe. Matt said policies could be drafted during the summer, but there would need to be time in the fall for review. Jess recommended presenting updated IT policies as a package to the cabinet.

Time clock system

Jess reported that the IT Enterprise Information Systems group has been working on Banner Time Online time management system. That should be available to replace GrizTime Online soon as a tool for putting timesheet data into Banner.

He said that in Student Affairs, the large number of student employees makes the process tedious. They also have a need for a tool to allow student employees to clock in and clock out quickly. A group of people from across campus has been looking for a campus-wide solution. That group has defined goals and looked at vendors. Jess asked IT Senate to take this to cabinet as campus-wide initiative.

Matt asked if Jess had considered taking it through the planning continuum process. The process would be completed by October so the planning committee can look to fund projects by January. The request could come through IT Senate or through Student Affairs, Matt said, but IT items would have more weight if IT Senate vets them first. 

Jess said the group is also looking for add-ons for a time clock system, including tleave requests, scheduling, shift swaps, etc. Those are more for students than faculty and staff.

Matt said the planning committee would need hard dollars and exactly what the solution will be. Allen Szalda-Petree suggested that there needs to be a white paper on why the Banner tool isn't sufficient. Jess said that is the next step.

IT Senate annual report distribution

Matt asked for input on how the IT Senate annual report should be distributed. The following groups were targeted for distribution:

  • ECOS
  • President’s cabinet
  • Staff Senate
  • ASUM
  • Academic Officers
  • Departmental chairs
  • Tech Partners

Jess said he had shared the report with Student Affairs officers and there were some questions. He suggested scheduling a Q&A session.

Matt Riley moved and Judy Fredenberg seconded a motion to proceed with targeted communication of the IT Senate annual report.

IT Senate membership

IT Senate needs new ASUM and Staff Senate representation. It was agreed to ask for those appointments now.

Reports of standing committees, Tech Partners and Mod Squad

Data governance committee

Neither co-chair of the committee was available, but Jess reported that a communications subcommittee is working on content that will be shared on the IT Senate website.

Enterprise applications committee

No report.

Communications and collaboration committee

Covered in annual report distribution discussion.

Mod Squad

Karen Moore reported that Mod Squad is focusing on installation of major releases and upgrades to Banner. They have scheduled August 15-16 for downtime.

Tech Partners

Antony Jo reported that Tech Partners did not meet in June, but would meet again July 7.

The meeting adjourned at 5:07 p.m. 

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace