July 12, 2016

Members present: Pope Ashworth, Judy Fredenberg, John Greer, Aaron Heiner, Art Held, Scott Holgate, Antony Jo, Karen Moore, Jesse Neidigh, Mark Pershouse, Stella Phipps, Matt Riley, Allen Szalda-Petree

Members absent: Dawn Ressel, Jennifer Sauer

Members excused: Roger Maclean

Ex-officio members and staff present: Adrian Irish, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Allen Szalda-Petree called the meeting to order at 3:32


Approval of minutes

June 2016 meeting minutes were approved by consensus


UM Minute – IT Focus

John Greer announced that the library had plugged new hardware into the Modular Data Center for the virtual desktop environment they are rolling out. The library is the first group on campus to use this hyper-converge solution, and the first non-Central IT unit plugging into 10 Gig.

CIO communication

Matt Riley reported that the mobile app project was going well and that it was being submitted to Apple and Google this week. 

Planning discussion

Matt presented a list of possible IT Senate topics for the coming year and asked for feedback. Feedback on specific items is listed as a bullet point under the topic.

General comments:

Mark Pershouse commented that this is a good list. He asked if it was open beyond IT Senate to a general campus discussion? Matt said some of it has already been a general campus topic, such as the One IT concept. John Greer expressed concern about the use of the word “integration” in the One IT. He said it sounds like we’re trying to centralize everything.

Jess Neidigh said he was going to pitch Microsoft products as a topic, including where does our email live. John Greer said he had heard that Microsoft 365 had been pushed to the back burner. Matt said that’s not the case. Allen expressed that faculty want those tools available to them. Matt suggested that a bullet under campus modernization might encompass those tools. Allen said that if it’s going to change the experience, users should be informed in advance so they can comment and prepare.

Workflow follow-up (update on Banner Workflow, intro to DocuSign)

  • Need update from Steven Van Grinsven

IT funding model

  • Funding model discussion still relevant
  • Allen concerned about current situation. Information has to get out early. Can't just be dropped on departments.
  • Mark P. - some departments being informed they have no operating budget, but have to propose that solution.
  • Matt - it's being worked on. Will bring it to August or September meeting.

IT utilities annual report

  • Matt - Promised to do

Educause Top-Ten, Core Data, alignment with UM goals

  • John G. - could combine with other topics.

Information security / identity management

IT leadership development program, discussion of possible round #2

  • John G. - value in discussing it, but will run into budget realities. Allen - May not be the absolute time to do it, but worth talking about it.

Academic technologies update

  • Matt - haven't had a great discussion about that. John G. - discussion would be valuable.

"One IT" concept - integration of central and distributed IT services

Policies review

  • Antony - having email policy is something concrete. Matt - going through all the policies that exist as a review. Adrian - where is the email policy? Matt - not ratified yet. Adrian will have security policies to pursue. We should set as a goal to get email policy ratified.

IT and student enrollment/success

  • Central IT goal

MUS shared services and IT

  • Matt - might combine with policies. We may have consolidation forced on us (shared services run from commissioner's office) Examples - Microsoft Premier support; 17 MUS campuses working together on one library system.

IT utilities vs. peer campuses’ common good models

IT financial update – Investments, IT spending and where UM stands vs. peers

Research computing

  • Central IT goal - could talk about central IT goals and how they are being met or not met.

Modernization of campus technology

  • Matt - put on list because a lot of IT governance across country have this as a major part of their agenda. John G. - a lot of overlap with academic technologies.
  • Allen - bigger problems are beyond modernization of tech. Bigger issue is how you hierarchically order these topics. This one isn't as important as other topics.

A menu of a la carte IT services by Central IT (Virtual machines, Storage Space, Backup Service, etc).

  • Antony - could roll into IT funding model

UM strategic planning and IT

  • Should inform UM's strategic planning process

Room scheduling status (25 live)

  • John G. - roll up into workflow and other major project updates

Access to data / information

Reports from standing committees, Tech Partners and Mod Squad

None of the IT Senate committees had reports to share.

Meeting adjourned at 4:44

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace