January 23, 2018 

Members present: Pope Ashworth, Judy Fredenberg, John Greer, Aaron Heiner, Antony Jo, Karen Moore, Jesse Neidigh, Stella Phipps, Brad Reardon, Matt Riley, Renae Scott, Laurie Slovarp

Members excused: Roger Maclean, Dawn Ressel

Members absent:  Brock Flynn, Frank Grady, Colin Milton, Jennifer Sauer

Ex-officio members and staff present:  Joe Hickman, Adrian Irish, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Antony Jo called the meeting to order at 10:01 a.m.


Pope Ashworth moved to approve the minutes. Renae Scott seconded. Approved.


CIO update - Matt Riley

VSO (staff buyout) losses in central IT had the biggest impact on Accessible Technology Services and the web team. Janet Sedgeley left and Kathy Garramone has taken over managing the accessible technology team. She will continue to manage software licensing activities. Response from ATS group should be the same. Central IT also lost three of four members of web team, including the manager Nick Shontz. Kayla Pierson has been moved into the interim web manager role for rest of fiscal year. After that, IT will do something long-term to make it permanent. Matt continues to look at how to manage the work of the web team. He is considering how we could pool web resources across campus.

Central IT’s other VSO losses included one each in Enterprise Information Systems and Central Computing Services, and two people on the admin team. 

Matt also reported that he expects a slight budget increase in IT utilities. There is not enough money in the tech fee based on how many students we have. Will have to absorb that in IT budget.

DUO and Zoom

Adrian reported that UM purchased DUO multi-factor authentication system in December. Adrian explained that a traditional login is username and password. DUO adds one more step after you enter your password (i.e. verify through phone app). Adrian is setting up an advisory group to develop guidelines for use.

Matt said that UM is behind on this compared to other universities. Implementation will develop into a project with communication. 

Judy asked about where the email policy was in the process. Matt said it’s in UApprove waiting for response from other governance bodies. Antony said he would look into it. Uapprove lost its policy gatekeeper to the VSO.

Matt said Zoom will replace Blackboard Collaborate eventually for video conferencing in Moodle and any ad hoc meetings. We’re already using it. A support team not fully in place yet. We will roll out information about Zoom this spring.

Antony talked about TDX / Solutions Center launch. A campus open house coming up on February 2nd

Jess reported that four UM staff members just went to get project management training. Dan Bowling and Anna Martin, who are co-leading the Office 365 implementation, were included in the training.


Next steps with OneIT and IT Senate

Antony reported that he has volunteers to look at the IT Senate charge, but the group has not met yet. 

Matt reported that he has checked in with President Bodnar about the OneIT recommendations and he definitely wants us to move on the recommendations in an accelerated fashion. The plan is to form a smaller group that would oversee progress toward recommendations and interface with IT Senate.

Matt also reported on other major projects underway with the new President, including the AGBIS enrollment projects and what is being called the “simplification project” that is looking at how can we make things simpler on campus through automation, process reevaluation and reengineering.

Jess pitched a tracking/reporting group for OneIT, but also have other groups to work on projects.

John Greer said that the AGB report will drive priorities. He suggested that the larger OneIT team should meet again and collate those two lists, the AGB recommendations and the OneIT recommendations. He asked how the smaller steering committee would get formed, and would IT Senate have a role? Antony said it’s something that should form in IT Senate, and it would be good to have steering committee be part of OneIT. Judy moved that Jess chair of OneIT implementation steering committee. John Greer seconded. Passed unanimously.

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Meeting adjourned at 11:02 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace