February 14, 2017

Members present:  Pope Ashworth, Frank Grady, John Greer, Scott Holgate, Antony Jo, Karen Moore, Jesse Neidigh, Stella Phipps, Brad Reardon, Dawn Ressel, Matt Riley

Members excused: Roger Maclean, Allen Szalda-Petree

Members absent: Julian Adler, Sara Colenso, Judy Fredenberg, Aaron Heiner, Mark Pershouse, Jennifer Sauer

Ex-officio members and staff present: Joe Hickman, Adrian Irish, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Antony Jo called the meeting to order at 3:31


December meeting minutes approved by consensus


Jesse Neidigh shared that the Student Affairs IT service desk in UC is now open evening hours.

Adrian Irish announced that UM hosting the Big Sky Information Security Conference on April 19th

Gordy Pace announced that Moodle is now in the UMontana mobile app. Students received an email about the it on February 14, prompting more than 100 downloads of the app. Gordy also announced that UM will be hosting a CampusM conference in early June. CampusM provides the platform used by the UMontana mobile app.


Academic unit dashboard

Dawn Ressel reported that the Academic Unit Dashboard project has three paths:

  1. agree to calculations and data used for metrics
  2. get functional data governance in place
  3. coming up with a plan for having an infrastructure in place to support data

Matt said the Cabinet had a discussion about what data would be pulled into dashboard. The question was whether that is the same data that will be used for academic program prioritization. He said the Cabinet agreed that shared governance should be used in process. That would require IT Senate to use the next four meetings to have the AUD as an agenda topic and get an update from the project team and report that to the cabinet.

Dawn said she was not sure if someone on IT Senate could guide whether we've calculated a faculty FTE accurately. The process in place now has the associate deans at Dawn's disposal to review reports.

Scott Holgate asked what criteria was used to select vendor. Matt responded that it doesn't matter what we use for the proof of concept. Dawn - SaaS. Cognos and Tableau are in the running. We already have some licenses with those tools. 

IT policy review

Antony asked about the status of the draft email policy. Matt said Cabinet changes have delayed action and it hasn't been signed yet. He also still needs to shop the email policy in other governance groups. There is strong pushback from internal audit and legal that there is no existing email policy. Without a UM policy, we would roll up to BOR policy.

Matt said the biggest feedback is around why email addresses can’t be forever. There are technical challenges with that. To do it indefinitely, it's asking a lot using Microsoft. Our NetIDs are forever. Matt said we might want to address that in a separate policy.

Matt also said that we may need to spend some time on identity management policy. That might be the key to the forever connection with the University. 

Scott Holgate said we need to look at IT purchasing policy. Matt said that Bob Hlynoski has been working since November on a new contract management software piece for Cyquest,. Right now we can find out about purchases after they happen, but can't prevent them.

Managing IT expenditures on campus

Matt said that we aregoing to be $500,000 in the hole to start the year on the IT budget. This is after working to get the most favorable contracts we can with vendors. Does IT Senate want to do something about this as a group? The group could consider the major services that are provided and what we could take away. For example, what if UM didn't have a learning management system?    

A lot of resources being channeled toward academic programs and drawing resources away from what we need in IT. It’s useful to talk about this in IT Senate. The next budget choice is a major service.

Jesse asked how do we best facilitate that conversation. Matt responded that IT Senate could do some complimentary research and form an opinion about broad topics. It’s a chance for IT Senate to do something really useful. There should be some strategic goals.

Gordy asked how that fit into program prioritization which will include administrative services. Matt said that anything we can do to be ahead of that game would be a good idea.

Jess asked about timeline. Matt said FY19 is when we'll have a chance to define what is different. We want to start adding our voice to that conversation. People want to get the efficiencies addressed right away, he said. We can expect that the conversation will come up about centralizing all IT. It may not be reasonable to expect any cost savings since we're already so thin. There is something to us all working together better, but we're not overstocked with IT.

Dawn said that we'll be expected at the May BOR meeting to be laying out an FY19 plan that addresses how we get to a budget based on 11,000 students. There have been lots of discussions about metrics that will be used to identify and measure. Administrative services are difficult to measure. Mike Reid and the budget committee is coming up with metrics to determine how to budget. How do we measure IT and articulate the needs for the future of IT?

Matt suggested forming a group that will work on this challenge for two months this spring. And he said that we need to define our own peer list. Our current list is really hard to compare with on IT.

Reports from standing committees, Tech Partners and Mod Squad

Enterprise applications committee

There was additional conversation about how technology could support purchasing controls. John Greer said that there has been pushback about slowing down purchasing, but there will be a necessary slowdown if you are going to evaluate purchases for duplication, accessibility, etc. We need some assurance that that is going to be supported by the administration.

Matt reminded the group that leadership has changed on campus. He also said that EAB has insights on IT governance best practices, including purchasing processes.

Mod Squad

Karen Moore said that Mod Squad is testing releases to go from test to production

Tech Partners

Antony Jo said the most recent Tech Partners meeting focused on updates on PaperCut and LandDesk.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace