Minutes - December 2015

December 15, 2015

Members present: John Greer, Art Held, Antony Jo, Karen Moore, Jesse Neidigh, Kate Oyler, Mark Pershouse, Stella Phipps, Dawn Ressel, Matt Riley, Manu Samuela, Allen Szalda-Petree

Members excused: Judy Fredenberg, Mark Grimes, Nick Hannifin, Aaron Heiner, Scott Holgate, Roger Maclean

Members absent: Ryann Carlson, Jennifer Sauer

Ex-officio members and staff present: Bob Hlynosky, Adrian Irish, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Allen Szalda-Petree called the meeting to order at 3:36


November meeting minutes were approved by consensus


UM Minute – IT Focus

Mark Pershouse commented that the wireless network working really well in his building. Matt Riley reported that IT is at the end of a wireless project that started two years ago. In the last week and a half the last of the Cisco wireless equipment on campus was replaced with Aruba equipment, so we have one contiguous wireless environment that should work better. John Greer reported that more than 2,600 people were logged into UM wireless at that moment.

CIO communication

Matt suggested that during the open comment period of the meeting, IT Senate may want to discuss what could be done with technology to support current budget and enrollment issues.

Discussion items

Email policy

Matt explained the policy approval process, saying that after IT Senate approved it, it would go through other shared governance bodies. If they have significant changes, he will bring it back through IT Senate before taking it to the cabinet.

Matt expressed concern about not having a definition of protected information. Adrian Irish pointed out that we would not have that definition before the email policy is approved. We're not going to have any data that's not defined as protected by state and federal law (HIPAA, FERPA, etc.).

Allen asked if there was a difference between protected and sensitive information. Matt said yes. Adrian suggested thinking through terminology. Protected information causes us legal issues.

John Greer asked if we needed to have approved encryption for transmitting sensitive data. Adrian replied that it's good enough for the legislature, but we could provide some guidance on encryption.

Jesse Neidigh said that we need to provide practices and procedures that help people understand how to comply with the policy.

Adrian pointed out that the original email policy letter from President Dennison said that you must send to a umontana address. Matt said that requirement was removed because of communication with students before they arrive using non-umontana addresses.

A question was asked about whether students have the ability to change their email address in Moodle, which automatically populated with their umontana address. Need to check with SELL to find out. 

Recommended text edits:

  • Jesse said that if we are committed to doing a procedures guide, we should pull references about where to go for help from the policy. 
  • B: First sentence should say, “Use of email provided by the University of Montana . .  .“
  • E: strike administration and faculty from end of second sentence.
  • I.1: Delete "in order to be offered generally to the UM community for free or discounted pricing” in the first sentence.
  • 4: This was added to deal with adjunct faculty situation. Recommended that the last sentence “Other situations may be worked out individually, upon request.” Be removed.

Adrian asked about the policy of keeping student email accounts active for two years after graduation. Matt said we want to keep flexibility with that, and that 1-2 years is normal at other schools. Adrian then asked if we needed to restate that email use after graduation was still governed by MUS acceptable use policy. It was determined that the initial statement under purpose was clear on that point. 

John Greer moved to approve the policy as amended. Mark Pershouse seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

IT utilities additions: Qualtrics and Box

Matt reported that two cloud services used by UM are coming up for renewal:  Qualtrics in March and Box in April. He raised the question of whether these services were preferred and wanted by campus, and should we move forward with them? He said the evidence is more clear on Box since it replaces the DFS (distributed file system) service. He said that Dropbox has an enterprise model, so that would be another possibility.

Jesse asked about licensing. Matt said the Box license is $62,500 per year and Qualtrics is just under $20,000 a year with a two-year commitment. He said that he knows some big surveys are in the works using Qualtrics. In addition, Qualtrics can require login, it’s accessible and it can carry protected forms of data. Matt's proposal is that we need to go forward with Qualtrics, but that we need to know more about the experience on campus. Allen Szalda-Petree said that Qualtrics works well with another system used in Psychology. 

Matt said there is not strong competition with Qualtrics for an enterprise survey tool. John Greer said it’s possible that we could pay less for two separate tools to meet our needs. He suggested that we revisit Qualtrics use in another year. 

Matt said there is room in the IT utilities budget for Qualtrics and Box and IT had planned to move them there, but wanted to do so in the open. 

Reports from standing committees, Tech Partners and Mod Squad

Data governance committee

Dawn Ressel reported that the data governance committee needs feedback from shared governance. She has already talked to Staff Senate and ASUM and they were on board with it. She gave kudos to IT Senate for their support of data governance because. She said she has heard a lot of discussion about accuracy of data. She explained that the data is accurate, but we have no standards. That’s why data governance is so important in the current climate.

Enterprise applications committee

John Greer said he had nothing to report, but there may be some things to look at in coming year.

Communications and collaboration committee

Nothing to report.

Mod Squad

Karen Moore reported that they now have a Banner XE development database in place. They are also working on web for proxy which will provide a parent payment portal where a student can give access to a parent to access payment options. That is being tested now.

Tech Partners

Antony Jo reported that Tech Partners did not meet in December. The ext meeting will be the first Tuesday of January.

Open forum

Matt again posed the question as to whether there was something more we should put IT Senate to work on to address budget and enrollment issues. Jesse asked about a mobile app for campus. Karen Moore said there have been some demos. Matt reported that various efforts by different groups have been pulled together. Art Held expressed interest in the mobile app, saying that the Foundation is always looking for ways to tie donors in with campus. John Greer suggested that IT Senate could play a role in scoping the requirements and goals for a mobile app. Matt suggested we could make it an agenda item in January.

The meeting adjourned at 5:07

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace