Minutes - June 2014

June 3, 2014

Members present: Matt Riley, John Greer, Allen Szalda-Petree, Mark Pershouse, Manu Samuela, Roger Maclean, Tony Jablonski, Art Held, Judy Fredenberg, Jesse Neidigh, Sandi Nelson

Members excused: Jennifer Sauer

Members absent: Eric Reimer, Aaron Heiner, Mark Grimes

Ex-officio members and staff present: Adrian Irish, Antony Jo, David Devolve for Joe Hickman, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Matt Riley called the meeting to order at 3:32


Jesse Neidigh moved that minutes from the April 15th meeting be approved. Roger Maclean seconded the motion. It was pointed out that Antony Jo's name was misspelled. The motion passed unanimously.


UM minute – IT focus

  • Bob Hlynosky reported that Business Services is going to work with IT to collaborate on GrizMart to make it better and develop easier ways to use it. Bob holds quarterly advisory council meetings that IT Senators are welcome to attend. Ian Robbins, the former procurement director in Business Services has taken a job at Florida State.
  • Jesse Neidigh reported that he has met with Dell and we will have standard built machines in GrizMart now. There are options for three desktops, two laptops and two monitors. If you're looking to buy machines, look there first.

Reports of standing committees and Tech Partners

Enterprise Applications committee

John Greer reported that an amended enterprise applications procurement form was sent out before the meeting. The committee needs to get together and go over minor changes made to the form. 

Matt asked if there was enough there to vote to ratify the forms process. John said that two pieces to be addressed are on data management and security, and a proposal to have length of term on purchase. Those are the two pending questions to be added. 

Jesse Neidigh asked where the form would be made available. John said he would work with Bob Hylnosky and GrizMart to make it part of the process for larger purchases. It wasn't decided how purchases under $5,000 would interact with the form. John suggested it could be through any request to IT utilities, on the IT and IT Senate websites. Matt said he would share with the President's cabinet.

Guest Steven Van Grinsven asked about whether it applied to purchases under $5,000. Matt suggested that it was more to do with the enterprise nature of the application rather than the dollar amount.

Judy moved to accept for. Jesse seconded motion. Passed unanimously.

Art Held suggested having a PDF that shows the questions before users get into the form since all of the questions are required. That would allow them to be fully prepared to complete the form.

John will work with Gordy to communicate form.

Architecture and Infrastructure committee

Tony Jablonski said he has requested ideas for subjects to focus on in fall. He also reported that site preparation has begun for TMUs.

Matt said that the research computing group is interested in use of the TMUs. This is something we haven't been able to offer in the past, so it's big for IT, he said.

Mark Pershouse asked about building wiring on Skaggs and Gallagher. Matt said that's part of a four-building project that Scott Holgate thinks should be done before start of fall.

Communication and Collaboration committee

Matt asked the Senate how we might use the output from the student project to do our operational plan assessment. Basecamp may be too detail oriented, but perhaps just the reporting tool Easy Insight would provide benefit. He said the communications committee might explore that option or determine if we should just do a Word document like last year? Communications committee might explore that.

John Greer suggested we try the Easy Insight option. Jesse Neidigh agreed.  

Tech Partners

Antony Jo reported on discussions from a Tech Partners meeting earlier in the day:

  • Antivirus - Central IT is going to cut Semantic by half and spend it on getting LandDesk antivirus
  • Box update from Tony Jablonski
  • Update from Janet Sedgley on accessibility self-study
  • Timeclock - HR and central IT looking at it this month. Banner has enterprise solution that we pay for. Doesn't integrate with a timeclock, so it would require a third-party application. Jesse Neidigh envisions bringing recommendations to IT Senate. 
  • Becky Maier from FSSS is looking at going paperless. IT is providing Alfresco to digitize documents. Doing that with President's office and OSRP.

IT Senate chair-elect nomination

John Greer suggested that the CIO should be standing chair. He recommended that we wait until fall and if people agree, make the CIO the chair-elect for the upcoming year, Mark Pershouse would serve as chair for one year and we would then rotate into the CIO as the standing chair. 

Judy Fredenberg said does send a different message having the CIO as chair. We've gotten stuck in the past because didn't have a strong tie to the administration. i.e. with the web committee.

Mark Pershouse responded that he never envisioned himself as the highest ranking IT person on campus. He said he saw it as a huge charge being elected by the Faculty Senate to come here and take the message back to them. He said there are other roles with a stake in IT other then just IT people.  

Art Held ask the question, where do we want IT Senate to go long term? He suggestd we may want to wait until November or December to have the chair-elect discussion. There may be some great advantages and there may be some disadvantages. 

Jesse suggested co-chair.

The group decided to defer a decision about the chair-elect until the fall.

Matt brought up issue with senate member changes. Will know for sure we will have two new students.He said we should also look across the rest of the IT Senate membership. Most members are appointed by the head of a unit or a governing body. Jesse asked if we should reach out to those appointers and seek feedback about membership. Matt agreed that it was an appropriate time to do that. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:45.

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace