Minutes - May 2016

May 10, 2016

Members present: John Greer, Mark Grimes, Scott Holgate, Adrian Irish, Antony Jo, Roger Maclean, Karen Moore, Jesse Neidigh, Mark Pershouse, Stella Phipps, Manu Samuela, Allen Szalda-Petree

Members absent: Aaron Heiner, Ryann Carlson, Nick Hannifin, Art Held, Eric Reimer, Dawn Ressel, Jennifer Sauer

Members excused: Judy Fredenberg

Ex-officio members and staff present:  Jeff Abbott, Valerie Crepeau, Stan Harris

Call to order

Allen Szalda-Petree called the meeting to order


March meeting minutes were approved by consensus


CIO Communication

Central IT has added a nationwide resource, Educational Advisory Board IT Forum.  Opportunity comes with on-site visits built into yearly costs.  Allows for remote presentation and the ability to get shares from IAB around their research.  This resource is available to anyone associated with campus and provides assistance with

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Reinventing IT Services to align with institutional goals
  • Elevating security awareness

Matt will put resources on the IT Senate page.

Discussion Items

Mobile application project (Jeff Abbott)

Mobile Application Platform Campus M has been acquired through ExLibris, Mansfield Library uses this as well. This project, which is in the beginning stages of implementation, will provide a true mobile platform and will give the user access to mobile services.  This week Campus M representatives were on campus to meet with key people involved with campus implementation. Immediate focus will be existing student base menu, transportation, maps, things of interest to new students on site, student bills, class schedules, business related things, sports related things. Will continually be working on list of items that we want to deploy which will include business related, sports related and fun things. This is primarily tailored to mobile devices but will work with browser as well. Will be able to track use of applications and gauge use. Another device that can be used with this application is the ibeacon which is a small wireless access point that will register when a person walks by with their phone.  Can be used for attendance in class with similar functionality to an i-clicker.  Provides the flexibility to create any roles by targeting specific groups, can get really granular. By the end of week at least a small set of people should be able to start seeing what this looks like on their phone. By August this mobile platform should be robust and ready for implementation. Ideally this will be interesting and engaging to students.  Need to balance a successful launch with timing.

IT Senate Annual Report

Gordy Pace posted the Annual Report earlier this week for review. Key issues are Senate focus on communications and UM funding model. After Senate has an opportunity to review and comment the report will be put forward for ratification.

IT Senate leadership and membership

There was discussion on managing a rolling three-year membership; currently there is no organized process for rolling membership. With three year terms there is a need to keep some members to maintain continuity since many have been on for four years already. Suggestion was made that Chair should be the CIO since that role will always be on the IT Senate and is non-voting. Could spend some time in the communications committee, define the terms, separate by groups, consider the stagger and look at timing for membership changes. A hybrid of that suggestion would be to move forward as proposed until the membership questions are resolved. Work towards a new person being added yearly. Rolling membership would spread the knowledge around. Possibility for multiple seats for each area but agreement that the groups should not get much larger.

Goals and priorities for 2016-17

  • Open the discussion but not define goals until new membership is finalized.
  • IT funding model project with Student Affairs.
  • Information Security has risen to the top again, need to spend more time on that topic.
  • High performance computing/Research computing big data discussion.
  • Policy work, there is a laundry list of policies to work on.
  • IT funding

Reports from standing committees, Tech Partners and Mod Squad

Data governance committee

No report.

Enterprise applications committee

No report.

Communications and collaboration committee

No report.

Mod Squad

  • Problem with same student having two 790 numbers; need to run quarterly to get rid of those duplicates.
  • Banner XE to Banner 8 is not as smooth as it could be.

Tech Partners

  • There are web conferencing needs that are not being met with Blackboard Collaborate; there was discussion that it doesn’t support polycom units. Chuck Harris scheduled a meeting with Vision Net for May 17th to open up that conversation and discuss campus needs that are not being met. 
  • Draft document on Box regarding emergency notification. They are going to gather some input and make changes
  • DFS is going away; employees are advised to move to Box
  • Email mailbox cleanup, reports gathered by Lorrie DeYott and there are some very large mailboxes.

Open forum

  • Janet Sedgley and Aaron Page are coming to speak at the next meeting about accessibility .
  • Faculty and Staff Cyber Bear change will be after June 1st.
  • Office for student success is looking at XE for student advising.
  • Faculty grades can be loaded by spreadsheet
  • Enterprise Applications:
    •   Working this summer to see how to further integrate  
    •   State just pushed down new security requirements
    •   Identity insurance now required on all software purchases
    •   Bob will send info over and Matt will take to commissioners meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 4:53 

Minutes submitted by Valerie Crepeau