Minutes - November 2017

November 21, 2017

Members present: Pope Ashworth, Judy Fredenberg, Frank Grady, John Greer, Aaron Heiner, Antony Jo, Roger Maclean, Jesse Neidigh, Stella Phipps, Brad Reardon, Matt Riley, Laurie Slovarp

Members excused: Dawn Ressel, Renae Scott

Members absent: Brock Flynn, Colin Milton, Karen Moore, Jennifer Sauer

Ex-officio members and staff present:  Joe Hickman, Adrian Irish, Gordy Pace

Call to order

Antony Jo called the meeting to order at 3:35


Roger Maclean moved to approve the minutes. John Greer seconded. Approved.


Matt reported that the affects of the staff buy-out are a big topic for central IT, but there’s not much he can plan for until more is known.

Jess Neidigh and Gordy Pace reported that the OneIT report is now public (umt.edu/oneit). Matt said that President Stearns will provie feedback on some things to do as quickly as possible.


IT Senate charge review, continued discussion

Antony Jo and Matt Riley introduced the idea of having IT groups share initiatives that are going on in their areas so the Senate can understand all of the pieces of the puzzle and know what priorities are.

Matt reminded the Senate that it had originally had the charge of implementing the - 2012 IT strategic plan. He said that IT Senate is not an implementation team. Rather, it’s a place to consider new ideas and whether they’re aligned to UM priorities. He suggested that we can’t have processes that are slowing us down, and we need to find structures that support independent decision-making and have the group assess progress.

John Greer said that IT Senate doesn’t really do what its charge says it should do. IT strategic initiatives usually aren’t things that are done quickly. With some work, this committee could be structured around prioritizing those big rocks. There are big things going on, and how they’re ranked is a little vague. How do central and distributed priorities mesh together? This group should be the place where that happens.

Jess Neidigh said that SAIT has roughly 50 projects. He said he struggles to identify what’s an IT initiative that needs to be at this level. The biggest challenge is to have some sort of measuring stick to rank things.

Judy Fredenberg suggested that “governing body” might not be the right term.

Matt asked that the IT Senate form a small group to look at bylaws to better meet what we want to do, and perhaps have the communication committee write a resolution. Antony said he would send message to Senators asking for volunteers. 

Student Affairs IT initiatives (Jess Neidigh)

Jess shared major SAIT projects - focus on at least 30% of projects in collaboration with rest of campus.

Campus-wide partnerships

  • Hobsons Radius implementation - online application process. 

  • Time management - OrbitalShift testing/implementation - time-clocking, scheduling tool. 
Collaborating with four other departments 

  • Citrix virtual desktop - with COB and Mansfield Library 

  • IT service management - Team Dynamix - several departments working together 

  • OneIT 

Enrollment and Student Affairs focused

  • Containerization of custom applications - making them modular, easier to upgrade and maintain 

  • SQL database migration - 

  • Video surveillance - BBSurveillance - over 200 cameras in SA. Standardizing and migrating to 
digital cameras (possible because no longer have port charges) 

  • Virtual server migration - Used to spend 18-20,000 every two years on servers. Now looking to 
lease space from central IT for virtual servers 

  • Data backup migration - looking at cloud solutions 

SAIT’s strategic goals are bigger than any of our projects and include professional training and transitioning to cloud services Matt said it would be interesting to see the strategic goals, adding that he wants to bring this back to alignment.

John Greer will report at the next IT Senate meeting.

Future meetings

It was decided to move the December meeting to January. Judy suggested scheduling one-hour meetings rather than 90-minute meetings.

Open forum

No comments.

Meeting adjourned at 4:58 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Gordy Pace