Intro to Environmental Law

Elective Course
Course Number: LAW 650
Credits: 3

This course provides an introduction to the regulation of pollution, an issue of increasing importance internationally, nationally and at a regional level. The course begins with an introduction to the ecological and economic theories underlying much of modern environmental law. The course also provides a brief review of common law theories of environmental protection and a basic introduction to administrative law and environmental litigation. Students will then explore three key environmental statutes: the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. The course will conclude with a discussion of domestic and international answers to climate change, and Montana environmental constitutional provisions. Following completion of the course, students should have a good understanding of the policy underlying the existing environmental legal framework in the United States and a working knowledge of key environmental statutes. Students will be exposed to international, federal and state law, as appropriate.

Class sessions will consist of lectures and discussions covering the introductory material and the basics of pollution regulation. A student’s final grade will be based on two writing assignments, a final examination and in-class participation.