Clinic Program

Welcome to the Clinic Program

Founded in 1966, our clinical program offers four in-house clinics and 24 field placements. Under the supervision of faculty and experienced attorneys, third-year students practice law in a variety of settings, from criminal defense and prosecutors’ offices to environmental nonprofits and government agencies. They prosecute civil rights claims; handle complex transactions; serve as law clerks to members of the judiciary, legislature, and corporate counsel; analyze and advocate policy; and intervene as third-party neutrals—making real differences in real people’s lives. 

Today, just as when we were founded, we believe that all law students must be trained to practice law before they graduate and to recognize the importance of public service and access to justice. Clinical training remains at the heart of our educational philosophy.

Our clinics and field placements are the capstone of our integrated skills curriculum. They are the culmination of our Lawyering Fundamentals program in the first year and transactional and trial practice simulation courses in the second year.  Our school is proud of its close relationship with Montana’s bench and bar, and we are grateful to them for co-supervising our students—and future lawyers.

Hillary Wandler
Interim Clinic Co-Director
Director Veterans Advocacy Clinic
Professor of Law
Monte Mills
Interim Clinic Co-Director
Director Margery Hunter Brown Indian Law Clinic
Professor of Law