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Scholarships & Writing Competitions

Writing Competitions:

Judicial Education and the Art of JudgingSubmissions should bear some relationship to the symposium topic of judicial education and the art of judging, broadly defined.  There is no requirement that papers discuss U.S. law.  Deadline September 2, 2014

1-800-LAW-FIRM Law School Scholarship Essay Contest - This years topic: What would you do to improve the legal system. Deadline October 5, 2014.

White River Environmental Law Writing CompetitionApplicants are invited to submit original essays addressing any relevant topic in the fields of environmental law, natural resource law, energy law, environmental justice, land use law, animal law, and agricultural law. Deadline December 10, 2014.

Legal Blog Post Writing ContestAny topic in litigation involving expert witnesses. Deadline December 31, 2014.

Center for Alcohol Policy Writing Contest - Topic: As states contemplate the legalization of prohibited products, like marijuana, what are some lessons policymakers and regulators can learn from the movement to end alcohol Prohibition in the 1930s? Deadline November 17, 2014. 


Farzad Family Law Scholarship - Question you must address: “Should the right to marry for same sex couples become a federal constitutional right by amendment to the United States Constitution or remain a State issue?" Deadline December 15, 2014