Montana Historical Society Collection

Montana Historical Society Collection
VoteThis includes material from the Montana Historical Society’s offices in Helena. It features a wide range of pamphlets, correspondence, articles and speeches. Unfortunately, due to our own photography, the quality of some of the reproductions is marginal. Most of this material is not word-searchable, although some items are. Those items are marked “ocr” (optical character recognition).

AFL-CIO flyer

News Release by Governor Forrest H. Anderson
Montana Chamber of Commerce Newsletter (ocr)
Citizens for Constitutional Government book
Montana Common Cause letter
Gallatin Citizens Corps flyer
Garlington response to "Comparison of Existing and Proposed Montana Constitutions" document
Kaiman article
Montana League of Cities and Towns letter
Montana Historical Society collection of newspaper clippings
Memo from Murray to Graybill
Dean J. Francis Runnel paper on education
Letter from Wertz to Graybill (ocr)

Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau Pamphlet
Comments of Morrow at Farm Bureau's State Meeting
Montana Taxpayer
Montana Taxpayer No. 11 Feb 1972 (ocr)
Montana Taxpayer No. 12 April 1972 (ocr)

New State Constitution 1972Pro Campaign - Delegates

     Flyer pro

     Flyer pro 2

     McDonough Memo 1

     McDonough Memo 2

     Proposed revisions for newspaper ads memo

     Broadcast campaign

     Eck Memo