Max S. Baucus Institute

Ambassador Max Baucus Speaking

The work of the Max S. Baucus Institute is an extension of the important bipartisan, consensus-building public service Ambassador Baucus exemplified during his long and distinguished career. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountain West, the Baucus Institute is where policy makers, lawyers, politicians, leading academics, and law students interact on a global scale.

Pro Bono Program

Pro Bono Fair

Raising awareness of access to justice concerns and supporting pro bono service reflects a shared community value and it is an institutional priority. Alexander Blewett III School of Law graduates recognize the character, values, and professionalism necessary to serve society as lawyers, including the importance of pro bono work, service and access to justice for underserved communities. To support this learning outcome, the law school maintains a voluntary Pro Bono Program where students experience hands-on learning opportunities through service opportunities.

Consumer Law and Protection Program


The goal of the Blewett Consumer Law and Protection Program, first and foremost, is to build student involvement in the area of consumer law. The program also aims to engage with the national consumer law community and consumer law issues as well as provide service to Montana and its citizens.

Rural Justice Initiative

Professor Jordan Gross

Current criminal justice reform initiatives in the U.S. focus primarily on urban jurisdictions; rarely do they include or mention rural and indigenous populations. The Rural Justice Initiative (RJI) will focus on this largely-overlooked aspect of criminal justice reform. RJI will continue to offer the Interdisciplinary Criminal Justice Reform (ICJR) graduate seminar. In addition, RJI will offer interdisciplinary research and technical support to local, State and Tribal stakeholders engaged in evidence-based criminal justice policy and legislative reform.