Interdisciplinary Study Opportunities

Interdisciplinary Study Opportunities

We recognize that natural resources issues can only be solved when many disciplines work together.  For this reason, our Program offers interdisciplinary opportunities that are among the strongest in the nation.  On a campus that focuses on the environment and natural resources, our law students can take advantage of numerous cross-campus graduate courses, such as those in Forestry & Conservation, Environmental Studies, Wildlife Biology, Geology, and Geosciences, to name a few. They can also branch out into Indian law courses, collaborate with environmental journalism students, participate in study abroad experiences, and take their interdisciplinary focus to a higher level with a J.D./Environmental Studies Joint Degree or Natural Resource Conflict Resolution Certificate.  With so many paths of interdisciplinary study, each student can have a law experience tailored made to his or her particular interests and career goals.


J.D./Environmental Studies Joint Degree
Natural Resource Conflict Resolution Certificate
Environmental Journalism collaborations
Et al - Environmental Trial and Law News
Native American natural resources courses:

Indian Water Law
American Indian Natural Resources Law

Study Abroad: China Program