Scholarships, Career Placement & Alumni

Scholarships, Career Placement & Alumni

At UM Law, we strive to support students throughout the life of their legal career —from financial aid during school, to career placement during school and after graduation, to continuing legal education seminars and other alumni services for our graduates.

In addition to the general financial aid and scholarship packages available to entering law students, current students may qualify for scholarships and awards specific to natural resources and environmental law.  There are needs-based and performance-based awards available.  Students can also work as research assistants to environmental faculty.  Through the university financial aid office, they can arrange for funded environmental internships with various qualifying governmental and nonprofit entities.

After law school, our students go on to work around the country in many different fields of natural resources law, including Congressional staff positions, state agency work, private law firm practice, and nonprofit advocacy.  Having worked in environmental clinics before graduation, our students start these careers with developed practice skills and an existing network of mentors.  Our faculty and the Law School’s Career Services Office assist students in their career development.  To further promote the careers of our graduates, we maintain close relationships with our environmental alumni through the Environmental Legal Education Network (ELEN), an organization that sponsors attorney networking opportunities and events. 

Our alumni remain an important part of the Law School community, and we strive to carry on connections between our graduates, faculty, and current students.  Providing post-graduate career services, hosting environmental law mixers, bringing alumni to the school for guest lectures, and sponsoring Environmental CLE Seminars are a few of the ways we foster our environmental law community.

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