Natural Resources & Environmental Law Program

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“We the people of Montana grateful to God for the quiet beauty of our state, the grandeur of our mountains, the vastness of our rolling plains, and desiring to improve the quality of life, equality of opportunity and to secure the blessings of liberty for this and future generations do ordain and establish this constitution.”

 - Preamble, Constitution of Montana

All persons are born free and have certain inalienable rights. They include the right to a clean and healthful environment . . .”

 “The state and each person shall maintain and improve a clean and Healthful environment in Montana for present and future generations.” 

- Art. II § 3 and Art. IX § 1, Constitution of Montana


Natural Resources & Environmental Law at UMSL

Montana has long been an innovator in natural resources and environmental law.  As our unique Constitution reflects, we are a community of people who both revere and rely upon natural resources, working hard to balance the varied demands placed upon our waters, lands, and wildlife.  We also recognize that natural resource issues extend far beyond Montana’s borders, affecting our nation and our world.  The University of Montana School of Law models these values in its mission of serving people through an emphasis on natural resources, environmental, and Indian law.

Our law students learn, live, and recreate in a place that brings natural resource issues to life.  In class, students master the intricacies of laws such as the Clean Water Act and Superfund. Outside of class, they observe these laws in action through field visits by visiting the Clark Fork River restoration site.  They study with professors and clinical supervisors who have practiced in the natural resources and environmental arena for years, on a campus that the Princeton Review lists as one of the most environmentally responsible in the nation. In part due to our small size, these students become part of a close-knit legal community that continues beyond graduation as they develop meaningful careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.                     

We invite you to peruse the School’s diverse curricular offerings in the areas of natural resources, environmental, and Indian law. Also, check out the many extracurricular opportunities we offer, from our student Environmental Law Group, to the Pace Environmental Law moot court team, to the Public Lands & Resources Law Review―the first and only law review in the nation to focus on public lands issues. Read about our faculty and the great work they and our students contribute to the field of natural resources and environmental law. Call or visit to learn more about what makes Montana one of the best places to study natural resources and environmental law.