ACLU Clinic

Clinical Professor Jeffrey T. Renz

Variable Credit(s)
Fall: LAW 600 03 | Spring: LAW 601 19

Academic Year/Summer

ACLU Missoula Office
Supervising Attorney:
Jim Taylor, Jon Ellingson

Faculty Supervisor:
Clinical Professor Jeff Renz


  • Professional Responsibility (effective for all classes entering Fall 2011 and thereafter)

Areas of Law: Constitutional Law; Civil Rights; Discrimination

Lawyering Skills: Research and writing; Complex civil litigation; Investigation

Sample Projects: Draft Motions for Summary Judgment and supporting affidavits; Prepare memoranda in voting rights case; Draft complaints and other similar civil litigation documents.

The mission of the ACLU of Montana Foundation is the protection and defense of constitutional rights, whether based upon the federal or state constitution. They focus solely upon constitutional issues and the defense of individual freedoms. Students in this clinic will have the opportunity to apply constitutional principles to numerous fact situations on a daily basis. The students will learn how to analyze a given situation to see if it constitutes a constitutional violation, do the legal research, interview prospective clients and witnesses, draft demand letters and pleadings, engage in discovery, meet with government officials, and attend and contribute to court hearings. Because the ACLU of Montana often collaborates with the National office, students will be exposed to some of the finer lawyers in the United States.