ASUM Legal Services Clinic

Clinical Professor Jeffrey T. Renz

Variable Credit(s)
Fall: LAW 600 06 | Spring: LAW 601 06

Academic Year/Summer

ASUM Legal Services
Supervising Attorneys:
Annie Hamilton, Tom Trigg, Lukia Roth

Faculty Supervisor:
Clinical Professor Jeff Renz


  • Professional Responsibility (effective for all classes entering Fall 2011 and thereafter).
  • Criminal Procedure, effective Fall 2012

Areas of Law: Family Law; Landlord/Tenant; Consumer Law; Torts; Contracts; Civil Procedure; Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure

Lawyering Skills: Research and writing; Civil litigation; Criminal defense litigation; Client counseling; Office practice and procedures

Sample Projects: Advise and represent clients in misdemeanor criminal matters such as DUI; Advise and represent clients in landlord/tenant disputes.

This office is located on campus in the UC, and provides a variety of legal services to students at the University. The cases encountered are 70% civil and 30% criminal. The civil cases are of a broad variety, including dissolutions (divorces), negligence, consumer, contract drafting, landlord/tenant, simple wills, and domestic cases (adoption, name-change, etc.). The criminal matters are generally limited to misdemeanors such as drug possession, DUI and other traffic citations, shoplifting, and disturbance and assault charges. Interns will meet one-on-one with clients and will be primarily responsible for their cases. Interns can expect to perform the full range of attorney activities, from negotiating, researching, drafting, and plea-bargaining, to court appearances which may include hearings, non-jury trials and occasional jury trials