Business Transactions

Required Course

Assistant Professor Jonathon Byington

Professor Elaine Hightower Gagliardi

Assistant Professor Samuel Panarella

2 Credit(s)
LAW 556

Business Transactions teaches students basic lawyering skills critical to a transactional practice, specifically contract drafting and negotiation.

Students draw upon their previous study of contracts, torts, and property law, and are introduced to employment, intellectual property, and environmental law. They are asked to represent a hypothetical client in the purchase and sale of a business. Each student negotiates the sale of a business, and prepares a complicated contract for purchase and sale based on the results of the negotiation. Students also discuss ethical issues that arise in the representation of clients in the formation of a business entity, the representation of a business entity, the preparation of a contract, and the negotiation of a transaction. Some assignments are prepared by student teams, and others on an individual basis.