Legal Writing

Required Course

Associate Professor Hillary Wandler

Adjunct Professor Malin Stearns Johnson

Professor Larry Howell

2 Credit(s)
LAW 509

Students apply the knowledge and skills gained in the fall Legal Research and Legal Analysis courses. In small sections and peer groups, students work intensively on outlining, writing rough drafts, editing, and writing final drafts of memoranda and briefs.

This course includes both research and writing components. It emphasizes organizational skills, effective problem analysis, research, and effective communication of legal arguments. Following extensive reading and class discussion, students draft the following documents:

  1. an inter-office research memo which analyzes a legal problem objectively,
    identifying each party's claim and defenses and the strengths and weaknesses of each;
  2. a simple motion with a supporting brief and a proposed order;
  3. a summary judgment brief with supporting affidavits; and
  4. proposed findings of fact and critiques on each assignment.