Clinic Course Offerings

ACLU of Montana
Work focuses solely upon constitutional issues and the defense of individual freedoms.

ASUM Legal Services
Represent students of The University of Montana in civil and minor criminal defense matters.

Child Support Enforcement Division
Represent this state agency in administrative hearings and in district court.

Clark Fork Coalition
Assist in advancing overall advocacy strategies for protecting and restoring the Clark Fork watershed.

Criminal Defense Clinic
Represent indigent defendants in misdemeanor cases in local courts and in felony appeals in the Montana Supreme Court and in the United States Court of Appeals.

Elder Law Clinic
Work with the general counsel for the Western Montana Chapter for the Prevention of Elder Abuse providing trustee, guardian, and conservatorship services to elderly and disabled clients. 

Federal Defenders of Montana
Represent indigent criminal defendants in federal court.

Independent External Clinic
Allows a student to propose and secure approval for a type of clinical experience that is not offered as an in-house or external clinic.

Indian Law Clinic
Assist tribal governments, courts, organizations, and attorneys on Indian law issues.

Judicial Clinic
Work with U.S. District Court Judge or Magistrate Judge on cases pending in federal court in Missoula.

Land Use & Natural Resources Clinic
Work with government agencies and organizations on land use planning and conservation issues affecting communities in the West.

Mediation Clinic
Perform mediation and conflict resolution for varying groups of clients.

Missoula City Attorney's Office
Prosecute traffic and other misdemeanor offenses in the Missoula Municipal Court.

Missoula County Attorney's Office
Prosecute traffic and other misdemeanor offenses in Missoula Justice Courts.

Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Forestry and Trust Land Management Divisions
Assist the DNRC in prosecuting and defending law suits, conducting administrative hearings, and conducting legal research and projects.

Montana Department of Transportation
Assist the MDT with general counsel duties and litigation pertaining to all facets of transportation, construction claims, environmental, real estate, and contract issues.

Montana Innocence Project
Work with this nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying and advancing credible claims of innocence made by Montana inmates.

Montana Legal Services Association
Represent low-income clients in family, public benefits, administrative law, and low income taxpayer matters.

Office of Appellate Defender
Assist with appeals for clients of the Office of the State Public Defender on a variety of cases.

Office of State Public Defender
Work with court appointed attorneys on a variety of cases.

Office of the USDA General Counsel
Assist with civil matters involving the U.S. Forest Service and the Farm Home Administration.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Work with in-house counsel on a variety of corporate matters in non-profit conservation organization.

U.S. Department of Justice
Assist attorneys in civil and minor criminal matters on behalf of the U.S. government.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court; Judge Ralph Kirscher
The intern will work on active court cases and receive instruction and guidance from the Judge and court staff.

The University of Montana Legal Counsel's Office
Work with the University's general counsel, advising the administration and assisting in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Western Watersheds Project
Work to protect and restore watersheds and wildlife across the western states through education, public policy initiatives and litigation.