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'07 -'08 Team Results


March 11, 2008

Our trial teams performed well at the 2008 regional competition in Seattle.

Our 3L team lawyers were Austin Knudsen and Bridget Sample. Their witnesses were 1L students Dylan McFarland and Randy Tanner. This team won every vote of every judge it encountered in the three qualifying trials (two on the defense side and one as plaintiff), and consequently was seeded first in the region going into the semifinals.

ATLA 2007

Front: Dylan McFarland, Austin Knudsen, Bridget Sample
Back: Randy Tanner, Professor Cynthia Ford, Sue Strachan

The semifinal trial was on the plaintiff's side, facing a Thomas Cooley team who represented the defense. In that semifinal trial, all four members of the team performed spectacularly. Thomas Cooley advanced to win the final round.

Our 2L team also did very well winning two of their three trials and losing the third by a split decision. The lawyers were Chrissy Sherman and Joe Cook; the witnesses were 2L Jameson Walker and 1L Helia Jazayeri.

ATLA 2007 Semi

Front: Helia Jazayeri, Chrissy Sherman, Joe Cook
Back: Sue Strachan, Jameson Walker, Professor Cynthia Ford, attorney Adam Duerk