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The officers

I'm a linguist. I love ambiguity more than most people.


The UM Linguistics Club

The UM Linguistics Club is a student run organization that facilitates extracurricular activities that promote the study of language and its use. The club frequently hosts  presentations by guest lecturers, faculty, and students, tutors those interested in the study of linguistics, and organizes game and movie nights. When possible, the UM Linguistics Club will provide assistance to its members presenting materials at regional conferences. The UM Linguistics club is a part of the University of Montana Linguistics Program



The Linguistics Club will be offering free tutoring at SS259e during the following times (Spring 2017). Drop by and say hello!

Feb 13th (Mon) 12-1:00pm
Feb 22nd (Wed) 12-1:00pm
Feb 27th (Mon) 12-1:00pm
March 8th (Wed) 12-1:00pm
March 16th (Thur) 3-4:00pm
March 31st (Fri) 12-1:00pm
April 19th (Wed) 12-1:00pm
April 24th (Mon) 12-1:00pm
May 3rd (Wed) 3-4:00pm

Special events monthly. Contact us for details, or join us on Facebook facebook page

 In addition, we are parternered with the Sacred Roots Language Society, which works to spread awareness and emphasize the importance of Native American Languages.