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Linguistics Club

The University of Montana


To become a member please contact us.

In addition to being a great academic support group and nice opportunity to have fun with other budding linguists and those with an interest in ESL/EFL, indigenous languages, and language in general, we host colloquiums on various topics in linguistics and feature presentations from not only both students and our esteemed faculty, but also from distinguished scholars outside UM. Other events include film screenings (serious and otherwise - we watched 'Airplane' among others last year), bowling and other activities, parties and potlucks.

Membership dues are $15 yearly and include a snazzy t-shirt which you can help design.  Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome and you don't need to be majoring or minoring in linguistics to join!

Club Officers 2014-2015
President: Karyna Tytar

Club Officers - 2013-2014
President: Kurt Erbach
Vice President: Cavan Wagner
Treasurer: Karyna Tytar
Event Coordinator: Rebecca Orford

Club Officers - 2012-2013
President: Julia Workman
Vice President: Kelsey Fanning
Treasurer: Cavan Wagner
Secretary: Lisa Sprowls
Event Coordinator: Rebecca Orford
Media Coordinator: Kurt Erbach