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Internship Program

The Mansfield Center regularly hosts student interns who provide support for the Mansfield Center's mission and programs while building up their own portfolios of international and academic experience. Though all positions are currently filled, please contact us if you are interested in one of these positions when they become available.

Social Media Internship

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The Mansfield Center Social Media Internship provides the exciting opportunity to work with both experienced Center staff as well as nationally and internationally renowned guest policymakers, diplomats, and scholars. Student interns build their own portfolio of marketing and social media achievements while working with prestigious international exchange programs focusing on Asia to build a cohesive social media image for the Mansfield Center. Academic credit available if desired.

Social Media Internship full job description, qualifications, and applications

Status: Currently filled.

International Research Internship

The Mansfield Center International Research Internship provides motivated and hardworking research interns the opportunity to assist with Asia-related research and to support the Center’s programs. These interns have the opportunity to work with the Mansfield Center’s Director, Dr. Abraham Kim, who has rich policy experience in East Asia and Washington, D.C. Interns must be able to work independently, write well, and be able to do a wide variety of research projects related to national security, economics, foreign affairs, and culture. Academic credit available if desired.

International Research Intern full job description, qualifications, and applications

Status: Currently filled. Applications are accepted for future semesters.

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Student-Designed Internships

Chris Friemund hugging two SUSI 2013 participantsThe Mansfield Center offers student-designed internships at the lower and upper division levels on an individual and case-by-case basis. These internships may provide support to Mansfield Center programs or staff members' research that is relevant to a student's area of study. If you are interested in working with Mansfield Center staff to create such an internship, contact the relevant staff member or the Mansfield Center at

Outside Internships

South China Internship Program

Under a new grant from the Ford Foundation, the Hong Kong America Center–-a non-profit consortium of Hong Kong universities-–is announcing the South China Internship Program (SCI), a national competition for 20 American undergraduates to participate in low-cost, high-quality "tandem internships." The twenty American undergraduates will team-up with twenty Chinese university students to spend eight weeks together in summer 2013 as interns in companies and NGOs in the booming Pearl River Delta of south China.

The intern teams will work together on joint projects for their host companies. Inspired by the 100,000 Strong Initiative, HKAC is looking for young Americans with strong academics who are highly motivated to explore their career potential in China. Some knowledge of the Chinese language is preferred.

Visit the South China Internship Program website for more information.

Prospective applicants may contact Mr. Ray Tran of the HKAC at: