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Members of the Confucius Institute and the Chinese Student Association making a gesture for good fortune

September 2010

Chinese Mooncake Night


March 2010

CIUM Join International Culture & Food Festival

Let's Speak Chinese Together

CIUM's Chinese culture & language workshop on "Foreign Language Day" at the University of Montana March 5, 2010

CIUM Join Academic WorldQuest 2010

A Chinese Culture and language display at AWQ March 3, 2010

The Confucius institute at the University of Montana joined the Academic WorldQuest 2010 host by Montana World Affairs Council today and brought a mobile corner introducing Chinese culture and language to the students on the competition.

Many Students were very interested in the Chinese books and materials displayed on the corner. Some students didn't know that CIUM has offered Chinese language programs throughout Montana since last fall and expressed their hopes to take the class in the future. High School teachers from Livingston also invited CIUM staffs to their school to have a Chinese culture lecture/workshop for their students.

"It is always good to let the students know more about China because China is a very important country," said Ambassador Mark Johnson, the president and founder of Montana World Affairs Council. "Thanks very much for joining our event today."

Academic WorldQuest (AWQ) is a team game challenging competitors’ knowledge of international issues in areas like geography, history, current events, culture and more. What began in 2005 with only three teams has grown to include more than 30 teams from around the state as students become more and more interested in global affairs. The 2009 competition, hosted by Mayor John Engen, included categories of water issues, population in developing countries, current events, alternative fuels, globalization, and more. More than 30 teams traveled to Missoula and joined the game around the state, including schools in Lincoln, Troy, Gardiner, Billings, Frenchtown, Butte, Helena, Arlee, and students from the Homeschool community.

February 2010

Pipa Virtuoso Wu Man Brings sounds of Traditional China to Montana

A Chinese music presentation hosted by Confucius Institute at the University of Montana February 19