On January 15, 2016 experts in foreign policy, culture, and history joined internationally renowned artists for The Art of Diplomacy, a unique Mansfield Center Conference that blended world-class discussions with world-class performances to explore the impact of the arts and cultural exchanges on international relations, politics, and societies.

Topics included the Importance of the Impact of Cultural Diplomacy, Bridging the Chasm: How Creative Exchanges Connect Divergent Communities, and the Power of Art and Statecraft. Panels and discussions were interwoven with performances and first-hand accounts from artists who are currently bridging communities and building understanding through their international performances and work.

The Art of Diplomacy was part of the Vienna International Ballet Experience (VIBE) that was held in the USA for the first time in Missoula, Montana from Jan. 12 – 16. This multi-day competition and dance festival brought 200 children and adult participants from the around the world and was under the direction of Gregor Hatala & Evelyn Teri from Vienna, Austria, and hosted by Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre and Destination Missoula.