Mansfield Conferences: 1991-2000

2000: Feeding the Hungry

The 2000 Conference, which focused on food security and genetic technology, addressed the basic need for food at local, national, and international levels. Presentation topics included "The Global Food Fight: Genetically Modified Foods at Home and Abroad," "Food Insecurity in Our Backyard," and "Crossing Tomatoes and Trout: The Ethics of Playing God."

Participants included Robert Paarlberg, Frances Moore Lappe, and William Harrop. 

1999: Giving Life to Ten Thousand Things, Water in Asia and in the West

The 1999 Mansfield Conference addressed issues of water and culture, water rights, and the political policy surrounding water. Presenters specifically discussed the Three Gorges Project in China and issues concerning Montana's own Clark Fork River.

Participants included Kathleen Dean Moore, Donald Worster, and Dai Qing.

1998: The Healing Arts in American and Asian Cultures

The Healing Arts Conference, the most extensive Mansfield Center Conference to date, presented such topics as "Preserving the Essence of Medicine," "Dying Healthy," "Fears of Mortality," "Integrative Health Care," "Acupuncture," "Healing Music," "the Re-emergence of Traditional Indian Medicine," "Homeopathy," "Reiki," "Cancer, Courage, and Creativity," and "Alternative Medicine Resources on the World Wide Web."

Participants included Marjorie Kagawa-Singer, Lobsang Rapgay, Arthur Kleinman, Marc S. Micozzi, and Chan Park.

1997: Creating Homes in American and Asian Environments

The 1997 Conference and related events focused on both the cultural and the material dimensions of making living spaces, and examined the relationship between natural resources and the homes built from them.

Participants included Jim L. Bowyer, Itsuko Hasegawa, Yi-Fu Tuan, Bruce Boyd, David Robertson, and Steve Loken.

Read the Creating Homes in America and Asia Brochure

1996: Religious Values and the Political Process

The main events of the 1996 Mansfield Conference attempted to clarify the relationship between religious values and the political process. Participants specifically discussed the roles of Christianity, Islam, and Confucianism in the American political realm and in the increasingly religiously and ethnically divided Middle East.

Participants included Martin Marty, Tu Weiming, and Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban.

Read the Religious Values and the Political Process Brochure

1995: Landscapes and Communities in Asia and the Pacific Northwest

The 1995 Mansfield Conference offered a forum for discussing the ways in which communities impact the environment. Related topics included bio-diversity and community in the Pacific Northwest, and grassroots volunteerism and communities in Japan.

Participants included Akira Yamaguchi, Jack Ward Thomas, and Kayoko Hosokawa.

1994: Imagining a Global Community

Themes at this Conference included "Orientalism and Occidentalism in the Global Community: the Arabs and the West," "Violence, Conflict and the New World Order," "How Film and Television Shape our View of the Globe," and "The Global Community in Asian Historical Perspectives."

Participants included Edward W. Said, Frank B. Gibney, Wang Gungwu, Daniel Schorr, and Christine Choy.

1993: Ending the Cold War in Asia

Topics addressed in the 1993 Conference include the role of the United Nations in Asia, Korea and its future, and China's role in the "New Asia."

Participants included George R. Packard, Yuli M. Vorontsov, Okawara Yoshio, Kim Kyung-Won, and Han Xu.

1992: Nature as a Resource, Nature as a Home

This Conference explored the historical and cultural background of our view of nature and how that view has shaped environmental attitudes and policy in a world often divided by conflicting values regarding nature and its use.

Participants included Carolyn Merchant, Lawrence E. Susskind, Pat Williams, Ron Marlenee, Vandana Shiva, and Bruce Babbit.

1991: Japan's Emerging Role in the World

The 1991 Mansfield Conference discussed Japan's identity and changing international roles, including those related to development and aid, peace and security, and economics.

Participants included Clairborne Pell, Carol Gluck, Kensuke Yanagiya, and Takako Doi.