About Us

Legal Atlas® is an award-winning platform and unique application for advanced research into national laws around the world. Legal Atlas Logo

Legal Atlas® is the product of an innovative public-private partnership that merges a social entrepreneurship vision (Legal Atlas, LLC) and cutting edge IT and large data solutions (GCS Research) with the University of Montana’s (UM) long history of academic excellence in resource management and the environment. The initiative was established in September 2011 by legal and development professionals with more than 30 years combined experience in 24 countries.

The Legal Atlas platform is the winner of the 2012 Innovating Justice Award presented by the Hague Institute for Internationalization of Law. The online system is currently in an alpha version and has been programmed to manage a large database of laws and legal information from around the world.

Legal Atlas is the kind of partner we want to see playing a leading role in advancing the relationship between law and development internationally Marco Nicoli World Bank Senior OfficerIts unique user interface harnesses the power of geographical information systems, cloud-based data management, and visual analytics to organize, locate, display, and analyze complex and inter-related datasets of treaties, laws, regulations, legal assessments, and information of all types. It is designed for both educational and practical use and provides a close look at the legal profession and the use of law in the management of natural resources and activities for any region and nation in the world.

The system is designed to offer previously unavailable global information based on national legislative foundations. The power of GIS mapping tools, an advanced database structure, and visual analytics provide direct access to key legal content and help the user explore interactions between law, economics, resources, and society.