Legal Atlas Directors

Legal Atlas was co-created by Maria Pascual, MSc. and Jim Wingard, JD. Maria has degrees in economics, law, and nutrition and experience advising governments in Latin America and Central Asia. James has degrees in international studies, languages, and law. He has worked as an independent consultant focusing on legal development primarily in Central Asia and Africa.

Both have been responsible for leading large development efforts and government advising at top levels on subjects including economic development, land tenure, natural resources, and agricultural management. Between them, they have been active in 30+ countries in 50+ projects funded by many of the world's leading donor organizations.

Maria Pascual

Maria Pascual, MSc. in 

Co-founder and Director

+1 (406)  529-1717

James Wingard

James R. Wingard, JD. in

Co-founder and Legal Director

+1 (406) 370-1390