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Mansfield Center Galleries

Mansfield Center galleries highlight programs and events hosted by the Mansfield Center. The left hand navigation offers links to images from past study abroad programs, international exchanges, and conferences hosted by the Mansfield Center, as well as a glimpse into the life of Mike Mansfield.

Featured Gallery: 2014 Young Southeast Asian Leaders on Global Environmental Issues

Check out the slideshow of 10 items below:

  • Slide Title: Two participants on a mountain overlooking the city.. Slide Caption: Participants enjoy the view of Missoula from Mount Sentinel..
  • Slide Title: Participants harvesting crops.. Slide Caption: Volunteering with Garden City Harvest gives participants first-hand experience with sustainable community development..
  • Slide Title: Participants rafting down the river.. Slide Caption: Participants build teamwork rafting the Clark Fork River..
  • Slide Title: Participant looking over the Berkeley Pit. Slide Caption: Participants visit the Berkeley Pit to study the impact of unregulated mining practices..
  • Slide Title: Group shot of participants in a boat.. Slide Caption: Participants study wetlands preservation and restoration first-hand in Louisiana..
  • Slide Title: Participants standing on a pile of snow.. Slide Caption: In Glacier National Park participants learn the fun of snow--in July!.
  • Slide Title: Participant and Salish tribal members in traditional dress.. Slide Caption: The 4th of July Salish Powwow introduces participants to Salish culture..
  • Slide Title: Two participants on a climbing wall.. Slide Caption: The McCormick Park ropes course tests participants' courage and leadership skills..
  • Slide Title: Participants listening to an outdoor lecture.. Slide Caption: Participants learn about maintaining vital wetlands--a critical topic for both the United States and Southeast Asia..
  • Slide Title: Participants on the capitol steps.. Slide Caption: A visit to Washington, DC concludes the 2014 YSEALI program..

More photos can be found on the Mansfield Center Flickr page.