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Mansfield Center Galleries

Mansfield Center galleries highlight programs and events hosted by the Mansfield Center. The left hand navigation offers links to images from past study abroad programs, international exchanges, and conferences hosted by the Mansfield Center, as well as a glimpse into the life of Mike Mansfield.

Featured Gallery: Economic Empowerment Program

Check out the slideshow of 10 items below:

  • Slide Title: TunTun Khine with a class of local elementary students. . Slide Caption: Bozeman school children listen raptly to EEP Fellow Tun Tun Khine of Myanmar..
  • Slide Title: A participant and host family hold up antlers. . Slide Caption: EEP Partners Norma Nickerson and Umaporn Muneenam explore Yellowstone..
  • Slide Title: A Fellow speaks in a full conference room.. Slide Caption: The Missoula Community and Missoula Mayor John Engen engage with Fellows in community lectures. .
  • Slide Title: A group photo of female fellows. . Slide Caption: Friendships formed during EEP cross country borders and last far beyond the program..
  • Slide Title: Group photo before the Flathead War Memorial. Slide Caption: Fellows learn about community-oriented businesses and Salish and Kootenai cultures on the Flathead Indian Reservation..
  • Slide Title: Participants walk through a green house. . Slide Caption: The Salish Kootenai College Forestry Nursery allows Fellows to study sustainable business ventures..
  • Slide Title: Fellows and hosts before steam vents in Yellowstone National park. . Slide Caption: Fellows visit Glacier National Park with their partners..
  • Slide Title: Group photo of participants from across the world. Slide Caption: The Professional Fellows Congress gathers Fellows from across the world in Washington, DC..
  • Slide Title: Three fellows on a street in Washington, DC.. Slide Caption: The EEP program concludes with a visit to Washington, DC. .
  • Slide Title: A participant lecturing during a meeting. . Slide Caption: Fellows share the skills they learn in the U.S. with colleagues in their home countries..

More photos can be found on the Mansfield Center Flickr page.