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Mansfield Center galleries highlight programs and events hosted by the Mansfield Center. The left hand navigation offers links to images from past study abroad programs, international exchanges, and conferences hosted by the Mansfield Center, as well as a glimpse into the life of Mike Mansfield.

Featured Gallery: SportsUnited 2014

Check out the slideshow of 10 items below:

  • Slide Title: Uniformed Chinese school children lined up in the school yard. Slide Caption: Chinese school children learn the 'chicken dance' with U.S. participants..
  • Slide Title: Chinese participants pose in the hallway with a member of the YMCA. Slide Caption: Chinese participants visit the Missoula YMCA and participate in the Special Olympic's Fall Leadership Conference..
  • Slide Title: a group of boys hold sticks up in the air that they used during a Native American game. Slide Caption: Participant Paul Phillips teaches students a traditional Native American game from the Salish and Kootenai tribes..
  • Slide Title: Participant Glenn Moffatt with Chinese high school students standing in line. Slide Caption: Participant Glenn Moffatt poses with students from the No.2 High School in Songyuan City during their exercise break..
  • Slide Title: Participants join a YMCA workout class. Slide Caption: Chinese participants engage in workshops and health classes while visiting the Missoula YMCA..
  • Slide Title: two fellows doing push ups with Chinese school children. Slide Caption: The U.S. Delegation does a warm up activity with students..
  • Slide Title: fellows and students hold the outside edges of a colorful parachute. Slide Caption: U.S. participants and Chinese students play a parachute game. .
  • Slide Title: fellows standing in front of a bag of sports equipment. Slide Caption: The U.S. Delegation donates sports equipment to local Chinese schools..
  • Slide Title: Chinese participants take a silly photo in the YMCA's workout room. Slide Caption: The Chinese Delegation poses together after a fun workshop..
  • Slide Title: a fellow hula hooping with a Chinese high school student. Slide Caption: Fellow LeAnn Dolly-Powell hula hoops with students from Yatang..

More photos can be found on the Mansfield Center Flickr page.