Recent Publications

Bighorn manuscript, JWM

Auer, S.K., and T.E. Martin.  2017.  Parental care mitigates carry-over effects of poor early conditions on offspring growth.  Behavorial Ecology 28:1176-1182.  PDF

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Ausband, D.E., M.S. Mitchell, and L.P. Waits.  2017.  Effects of breeder turnover and harvest on group composition and recruitment in a social carnivore.  Journal of Animal Ecology.  DOI: 10.1111/1365-2656.12707.  PDF

Borg., N. J., M. S. Mitchell, P. M. Lukacs, C. M. Mack, L. P. Waits, and P. R. Krausman.  2017.  Behavioral connectivity among bighorn sheep suggests potential for disease spread.  Journal of Wildlife Management 81:38-45.  PDF

Boyce, A. J., and T. E. Martin.  2017.  Contrasting latitudinal patterns of life-history divergence in two genera of new world thrushes (Turdinae). Journal of Avian Biology 48: 1-10.  PDF

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LaManna, J.A., and T.E. Martin.  2017.  Logging impacts on avian species richness and composition differ across latitudes relative to foraging and breeding habitat preferences.  Biological Reviews 92: 1657-1674.  PDF

LaManna, J.A., and T.E. Martin.  2017.  Seasonal fecundity and costs to lambda are more strongly affected by direct than indirect predation effects across species.  Ecology 98: 1829-1838.  PDF

LaManna, J.A., and T.E. Martin.  2016.  Cost of fear:  Behavorial and life-history responses to risk and their demographic consequences vary across species.  Ecology Letters 19:403-413.  PDF

Lloyd, P.E., and T.E. Martin, A. Taylor, A. Braae and R. Altwegg.  2016.  Age, sex, and social influences on adult survival in the co-operatively breeding Karoo scrub-robin.  Emu 116: 394-401.  PDF

Lloyd, P., and T.E. Martin.  2016.  Fledgling survival increases with development time and adult survival across north and south temperate zones.  Ibis 158:135-143.  PDF

Martin, T.E., A.J. Boyce, K. Fierro-Calderon, A.E. Mitchell, C.E. Armstad, J.C. Mouton, and E.E. Bin Soudi.  2017.   Do enclosed nests provide greater thermal than nest predation benefits compared with open nests across latitudes?  Functonal Ecology 31: 1231-1240.  PDF

Mitchell, M. S., J. A. Gude, K. Podruzny, E. E. Bangs, J. Hayden, R. M. Inman, M. D. Jimenez, Q. Kujala, D. H. Pletscher, J. Rachael, R. Ream, and J. Vore. 2016. Management of wolves in the US Northern Rocky Mountains is based on sound science and policy. Science.

Ton, R., and T.E. Martin.  2017.  Proximate effects of temperature versus evolved instinsic constraints for embryonic development times among temperate and tropical songbirds.  Scientific Reports 7, Article number 895, doi:10.1038/s41598-017-00885-3.  PDF

Sells, S. N., S. B. Bassing, K. J. Barker, S. C. Forshee, A. C. Keever, J. W. Goerz, and M. S. Mitchell. 2018. Increased scientific rigor will improve reliability of research and effectiveness of management. Journal of Wildlife Management. DOI: 10.1002/jwmg.21413. PDF

Sells, S. N., M. S. Mitchell, V. L. Edwards, J. A. Gude, and N. J. Anderson.  2016.  Structured decision making for managing pneumonia epizootics in bighorn sheep.  Journal of Wildlife Management 80:957-969.  PDF