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The Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit

The University of Montana

Julia Brandauer - Research Associate


Natural Science Building - Room 201

Phone: 406-243-6007

 Julia Brandauer


B.S. in Wildlife Biology, The University of Montana 2012

Minor in Communication Studies, The University of Montana 2012

I am a self proclaimed bird nerd. My love for birds started in the chaparral foothills of Southern California. I spent a lot of my childhood backyard birding and keeping notes on what species visited my feeder and when.  Now I spend my free time birding in western Montana where I work for Tom Martin as a Research Associate managing avian life history data collected around the world.  I am also the Supervisor for the Arizona Project.  I have spent three field seasons in Arizona as a nest searcher and four years in the Martin Bird Lab as a lab technician.    

Natural Sciences Room 205

Missoula, MT 59812