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The Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit

The University of Montana

Thomas E. Martin - Research Lab Members

Research Associates Julia Brandauer Arizona Field Supervisor and Data Manager

Ahva Potticary Martin Bird Lab Supervisor and Borneo Field Supervisor
Graduate Students Andrew Boyce PhD Candidate - Wildlife

Ross Crandall M.Sc. Candidate - Wildlife

Karolina Fierro PhD Candidate - Wildlife

Joseph LaManna PhD Candidate - Wildlife

Juan Oteyza PhD Candidate - Wildlife

Riccardo Ton PhD Candidate - OBE
Recent Graduates Daniel Barton

PhD completed 2012. Ecological causes of life history variation tested by meta-analysis, comparison, and experimental approaches.

Atilio Luis Biancucci

MS completed 2009 - Does nest size constrain clutch size? A tropical-temperate test

Anna Chalfoun

PhD completed 2006 - Demographic and behavioral responses of breeding birds to variation in food, nest predation, and habitat structure across multiple spatial scales

Yi-Ru Cheng

MS completed 2008 - Differential growth of body components among coexisting passerine species in response to nest predation risk

Joseph J. Fontaine

PhD completed 2006 - Physiological, life history and behavioral responses of a breeding bird community to experimentally reduced nest predation risk

Amy Johnson MS Completed 2010 Habitat influences on avian diversity and reproductive success in western aspen forests

Ania Majewska MS Completed 2010 - Importance of slow embryonic development in offspring and adult immune function

Alina Niklison

MS completed 2007 - Influence of embryonic metabolic rate and incubation temperature on incubation length variation in neotropical passerines

Brian Schwartz

MS completed 2008 - Bi-parental incubation: Comparisons of sex-specific investment in tropical birds

Natural Sciences Room 205

Missoula, MT 59812