Media Arts Minor



The Media Arts online minor program offers a uniquely integrated curriculum, centered in digital technology as a storytelling medium and is designed to serve both distance students and on-campus students. In order to get the minor students need a total of 21 credits that include 12 required credits and 9 elective credits. For distance students the required courses and a substantial list of elective courses are offered fully online. For the on-campus students the required courses are all fully online and there are both online and in-class elective options. This program is meant to supplement the work of those undergraduate students whose major area of study can be enhanced through the application of Media Arts principles and technologies.

Offered every term. Each student must complete the four core classes (12 credits). For course descriptions see Courses section.
MAR 101L Introduction to Media Arts – 3cr.
MAR 102 Digital Technology in the Arts – 3cr.
MAR 111A Intro to Photoshop – 3cr.
MAR 112A Intro to Film Editing – 3cr.

Each student must complete the four core Media Arts classes for 12 credits, then complete 9 additional credits outside of their major that support their work and development in Media Arts. Students may choose from the online and special topics courses that are offered periodically in Media Arts and the variety of courses offered throughout the College of Visual and Performing Arts. Availability of each course is determined by the individual instructor and all elective courses must be approved by the Director of the School of Media Arts.


For more information about the minor please contact our advisor, Stephan Edwards (

Below are the descriptions for the four required courses. Please see the Course Catalog for a complete listing of Media Arts courses.

101L Introduction to Media Arts
3 cr. Offered every term. Overview of the media arts and their interaction, integration and development in the creation of story beginning with early years of photography and movie-making through the introduction of radio and television up to the digital revolution.

102 Digital Technology in the Arts
3 cr. Offered every term. An introduction to the relationship between aesthetics and the emerging capacities of digital technology, the course is divided into 3 sections: Fundamentals, Artistic Application, and The Digital Age. It will cover the basic evolution of hardware, software, and the internet and will present a brief history of the pioneers who laid the groundwork for our contemporary digital art and technologies environment. It will also explore contemporary and emerging trends in the creative application of digital technology.

111A Intro To Photoshop
3 cr. Offered every term. An introduction to design that focuses on artistic expression in a digital technology environment, the course is divided into 3 sections: Foundations, Techniques, and Applications. Using Adobe Photoshop, students will create individual work in both the still image and time based mediums while exploring a wide range of techniques.

112A Intro to Film Editing
3 cr. Offered every term. Study of the history, process and philosophy of narrative film/video editing and an introduction to Adobe Premier nonlinear editing software.