Ways to Give

The Media Arts Expansion Fundraiser

A fully tax-deductible gift to the Media Arts Expansion Fund is an investment in the education of digital media and filmmaking students.

In 2004 the emerging Media Arts Program received a generous donation from Palmer and Alison West that enabled us to transform a large space in McGill Hall into the current Media Arts facility. This space has played an essential role in our success and helped fuel the explosive quantitative and qualitative growth of the program. Our numbers continue to rise and now the School of Media Arts seeks your support in our 2012 fund-raising drive. This effort addresses the critical need for expanded post-production facilities that will support the undergraduate students entering our B.A. and B.F.A. programs. Your contribution will enable us to provide a 21st century teaching space for our students. Ultimately your participation does much more than open the door to a new lab; it provides our future artists with an unprecedented opportunity to develop those skills necessary for success in our increasingly global and technological culture. Thank you and please join me in helping Media Arts maximize its potential.

Mark Shogren, Director, School of Media Arts

I am a huge believer in the core vision of the School of Media Arts: to challenge students to excel in their chosen artistic endeavor while simultaneously fortifying them with the technological education that is paramount to a successful career in the 21st century. To teach students an artistic craft, without the practical tools to achieve a career within that craft, is not only short-sighted from an educator’s point of view, but does the individual who has placed his or her trust in the U of M, a disservice. The Media Arts program is the true combination of art and commerce in one of our nation’s largest exports. I will continue to support this program, and am proud of its amazingly fast rate of achievement and acceptance within the great U of M family.

Palmer West, Film Producer