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Korean software development company, “FXGear,” has donated incredible software and plug-ins to the School of Media Arts Animation Program such as Qualoth, FXHair, ezCloth, and FluX. These software products are used by designers and artists at Walt Disney Studios, Blizzard, Dreamworks, and other top VFX and Animation studios. With this software, students are able to create realistic cloth, hair and fluid simulations. In consultation with Professor Heejoo Gwen Kim, our Animation program is the third international and the second US recipient of cutting-edge VFX software. This significant contribution will help our students to expand their creative realm and give them more of a chance to develop their professional careers.

Mr. Chang-Hwan Lee, CEO of FXGear, recognizes the importance continued advances in software development have on the creative process, advising students that “Computer graphics and 3D animation [are] a combination of art and technology … do not forget to embrace the newest technology and use these tools for your creative art.” Mr. Tommy Ryoo, Sale and Marketing Director, said that FXGear was very pleased to donate their products to a renowned university where students have both the talent and the ability to optimize this software. The School of Media Arts is extremely appreciative of FXGear for this significant and meaningful donation, and to Professor Heejoo Gwen Kim for her advocacy of our students and curriculum.

For more information on FXGear and their Qualtoth, FluX and FXHair software, please visit www.fxgear.net