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Google Earth Pro education license

Note: It may take several weeks or more for your application to be approved.

Google Earth Animated Tutorials

(University of Montana and SpatialSci, Inc.)

A growing collection of video tuorials developed for the University of Montana's Cyber-Enabled Earth Exploration (CE3) project.

A Teacher's Introduction to Google Earth and GPS Receivers

book coverby Heather Almquist, Lisa Blank, Jeffrey Crews, and Jennifer Estrada, 2010, SpatialSci Press, 61 pp.

A Teacher's Introduction to Google Earth and GPS Receivers BookThis tutorial provides a step-by-step introduction to Google Earth and GPS receivers. It also includes learning units developed by Montana teachers participating in the University of Montana’s Paleo Exploration Project. These standards-based units demonstrate how simple spatial technologies may be employed to support inquiry-based learning in the classroom. The lessons may be adapted for different topics, grade levels, time or resources available, or used as is.

Google Earth Community Forums

Join discussion groups, share ideas, and get specific questions answered by colleagues across the globe.


gps device

GPS unit "Loaner" Garmin eTrex GPS receivers are available from MGA to support members' class projects. Contact Us.


Join the GeoMentors Community

A Nationwide Effort to Improve Geography and GIS Education

As part of the ConnectED initiative, Esri is donating free ArcGIS Online organization accounts to every K-12 school in the U.S. (ESRI account sign-up). This gift introduces GIS software and geographic concepts into classrooms, allowing students to map and analyze data with the same technology used by government and businesses.

GIS is a powerful educational technology, but K-12 teachers already face considerable time constraints that can make it difficult to learn and implement a new resource. To address this need, Esri and the Association of American Geographers (AAG) are working together to develop a nationwide volunteer network of GeoMentors, knowledgeable GIS users who volunteer their time and expertise to help educators and administrators meet their classroom goals using GIS.


ESRI recently awarded The University of Montana a state license for the new ArcMap 10.0 to cover all K-12 schools in Montana. The license is being administered by SpatialSci, Inc.

ESRI T3G (Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS) Program 1-pagers

G-I-Yes Youtube Video (University of Texas at Austin)

Just for fun!


Free Technology for Teachers

Blog by Richard Byrne.  Ideas for video projects with students.


Geospatial Revolution

(Penn State Public Broadcasting)

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