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The Montana Math and Science Teacher Initiative

Steering Committee Members, Key Stakeholders and Partners

Montana Math and Science Teacher Initiative Steering Committee Members, Key Stakeholders, and Partners
Apostle, Alex MCPS Superintendent
Baker, Larry Dean, College of Education, Health and Human Development, MSU
Billstein, Rick Professor, Math, UM
Brewer, Carol Associate Dean, CAS, UM
Burke, Maurice Professor, Mathematical Sciences, MSU
Burke, Katherine Science Curriculum Specialist, OPI
Carroll, Sharon Montana Board of Public Education/Teacher
Comer, Chris Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Montana
Cruzado, Waded President, Montana State University
Dennison, George M. President, The University of Montana
Engstrom, Royce Provost/VP Academic Affairs, UM
Erickson, David Associate Professor, Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction, UM
Evans, Bobbi Dean, Phyllis J. Washington College of Education & Human Sciences, UM
Ferro, Marco MEA/MFT
Gamble, Geoffrey Emeritus President, MSU
Graves, John Montana Science Teachers Association - Professor, MSU
Green, Anna Assistant to First Lady Schweitzer
Howard, Jean Math Curriculum Specialist, OPI
Juneau, Denise Superintendent of Public Education
Kirkley, Jack Professor, EVST, UM - Western
Melton, Lance Executive Director, Montana School Boards Association
Mike, Alyson President, Montana Science Teachers Association
Moore, Sylvia Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education
Myers, Patty Montana Board of Public Education
Dr. James J Hirstein MMSTI Project Coordinator, UM
Puyear, Dave Executive Director, Montana Rural Education Association
Rud, Darrell Executive Director, School Administrators of Montana
Stearns, Sheila Commissioner of Higher Education
Villa, Dan Education Policy Advisor, Governor's Office
Vogel, Bob Montana School Board Association
Quinlan, Madayln Chief of Staff
Attwood, Linda Research and Analysis Data Manager
Geske, Matt Computer Systems Analysts
Keller, Elizabeth Educator Licensure Unit Manager
McMilin, Al Accreditation Unit Manager
Meredith, Steve Internet and Network Services Bureau Chief, OPI
Parman, Dennis Deputy Superintendent
Peterson, Linda Education Programs
Clinard, Jan Director Academic Initiaitves, OCHE
Trevor, Tyler Associate Commissioner for Planning, Technology & Communication
Office of the Commissioner for Higher Education
Allen, Karen MCPSExecutive Director Region 3 - Federal Projects
Atkins, Trent Associate Professor, C&I, UM
Burns, Jim Native American Studies, MSU
Donovan, Peter Board of Public Education/CSPAC
Erickson, Joanne Head Department of Edu and Health Sciences, MSU
Fleming, Walter Director, Native American Studies, MSU
Hirstein, Jim Professor of Mathematical Sciences, UM
Leonard, Mary Assistant Professor, Science Education, MSU
Luebeck, Jennifer Dept. of Mathematics Education, MSU
Lutz, Paula Dean - College of Letters and Sciences, MSU
Norman, Ke Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences, UM
O'Dell, Cindy Education Department Chair, Salish Kootenai College
O'Loughlin, Heather Legislative Assistant- Senator Max Baucus
Patterson, David Department of Mathematical Sciences, UM
Swanson, Elisabeth Director, Science Math Resource Center
Thane, Mark Regional Executive Director, Missoula County Public Schools
Ware, Andrew Professor, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, UM
Yopp, David Dept. of Mathematics Education, MSU

Dr. James J Hirstein

Professor of Mathematics

The University of Montana